Now that the Illinois budget has passed, with the help of our two Rhino legislators, who switched their votes to the Democrat side for purely business reasons, we are locked into a massive Illinois tax increase, rising personal property taxes, a large business tax increase, and that once, so popular, one percent sales tax for our schools. These two, Republican in name only, sold out their entire district’s constituents in order to reap the financial benefits from student housing which has been on the decline in Charleston.

Both Senator Righter and Representative Phillips have sold themselves out to Chicago’s Madigan, who actually runs the state of Illinois. What they have bought, is the continuation of the bankrupt status for this state. Following the vote, it has been reported that there is a shortage of U-Haul trailers, as an ever increasing number of people are leaving this failed state. A rising seven percent tax on large businesses guarantees that they also will look for greener pastures.

All of which, indicates to me that home owners and small business people will be saddled with these taxes while those who can afford to leave this dismal business climate will exit the state. And, Illinois may still be left with a junk bond status. Even with this big tax increase, I doubt that much more money will find it’s way into the state coffers after Cat and other big companies leave the state.

This wretched Democratic leadership, for so many years, has resulted in a Quid-Pro-Quo between the labor unions and the Democratic party. Bankruptcy, at some not too distant date, appears the state’s only recourse.

What options do we have, for starters we can oust our two Rhino State Legislators!

Jack Pierce, Mattoon


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