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I am writing this letter in support of Dr. Kyle Thompson, Assistant Regional Superintendent for the Regional Office of Education # 11 (ROE 11) and candidate for Regional Superintendent of Schools. I met Dr. Thompson during our studies at Indiana State University in their Doctor of Philosophy for Education Administration Ph.D. program. Dr. Thompson quickly distinguished himself as a young, energetic leader in the classroom. Dr. Thompson led his peers with his passion for education and his knowledge-base of current political concerns in the educational world. Dr. Thompson was talented in not only knowing today’s current issues, but offering proposed solutions and further ideas for collaboration and discussion.

I am also proud to say that I work professionally with Dr. Thompson. I currently serve as senior counselor for Mattoon High School, which resides in ROE 11. Dr. Thompson has an extensive knowledge of our district and works diligently to serve his constituents. Dr. Thompson is easily accessible and approachable with any concern that I have had in this role.

In summation, I strongly recommend Dr. Thompson for the position of Regional Superintendent of Schools. Under his leadership, I envision a brighter tomorrow for our area’s youth.

Aaron Hale, Ph.D., Charleston


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