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This letter is to address the statements made by Steven Spears in regards to the budget with the Coles County Illinois Sheriff’s department. To the good people of Coles County no sheriff as far back as I could find has been able to keep a balanced budget.

  • William Cox 1958-1962
  • Paul B Smith 1962-1966
  • Mike Curtis 1966-1970
  • Paul B.Smith 1970-1978
  • Charles Lister 1978-1986
  • James Kimball 1986-1998
  • Ron Scott 1998-2006
  • Darrell Cox 2006-2014

This is as far back as 1958. In 56 years no sheriff was able to keep a balanced budget. The federal government along with the State of Illinois hasn’t been able to keep a balanced budget so I don’t understand why Mr. Spears thinks he will be able to keep a balanced budget. I’m sure overtime is a big factor in staying within the budget along with the number of jailed inmates and keeping up with training. I don’t think Mr. Spears would make Coles County residents feel all warm and fuzzy by cutting hours to stay within the budget. The job of the sheriff’s department is to protect and serve the citizens at any cost just as all the sheriffs have done for years. I feel that it would be an injustice to lose our great sheriff Jimmy Rankin. Please get out March 20, 2018 do the right thing with the right sheriff who has kept our community safe the last 4 years and vote Jimmy Rankin for sheriff.

Terry & Billie Beason, Charleston


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