The old saying “It takes one to know one” is applicable when the Left charges Donald Trump with “collusion.” Collusion is the way the Left advances its Global agenda. But if someone on the Right lawfully engages a foreign entity, it’s a major crime subject to wall-to-wall news coverage, violent public protests, congressional hearings, and a special-counsel investigation. Oh, that the investigations into Benghazi, Whitewater, File-gate, Vince Foster’s “suicide,” the IRS, Fast and Furious, and all the other scandals swirling around Mr. Obama and Ms. Clinton had been as thorough.

After the election of one of their own to the Egyptian presidency, Obama colluded with the Muslim Brotherhood, offering them a deal to purchase military aircraft and weapons destined for potential use against Israel. Obama was caught on an open mic colluding with Vladimir Putin assuring him that he would have “more flexibility” after the 2012 election. Obama colluded with the Iranians to give them a Senate-proof path to develop nuclear weapons and to pay them billions in cash that allows them, without a paper trail, to fund terrorist activity against Israel and the U.S. Obama colluded with Brussels to lobby against the Britons’ Brexit vote. Hillary, as President Obama’s Secretary of State, colluded with the Russian government for them to obtain twenty-percent of America’s uranium reserves. Hillary colluded with the DNC to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders. Hillary colluded with a Russian “spy” to compile a dossier on Trump to “rig the election.” So when he unexpectedly won, he obviously had to have colluded with Russia; otherwise her collusion with Russia would have resulted in her being the victor -- and no one would have been the wiser because there would have been no investigation of Russian collusion.

Collusion is what the Left routinely engage in at the United Nations and euphemistically calls “international cooperation in the interest of peaceful social revolution.” When the Left cynically accuses Trump of collusion it’s to cast suspicion on the legitimacy of the election, demean his character, and divert attention from the positive consequences of his domestic policies accruing in the interest of the American People (Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” and Obama’s “bitter clinger”) thereby fulfilling his campaign promise to make America great again.

Steve Carpenter, Lerna


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