In his latest letter (07/20) to the JG-TC Jack Pierce again defends Donald Trump and errantly proposes that he may become one of the great presidents of our country, and this even before Mr. Trump recently promulgated his possible enshrinement on Rushmore.

Mr. Pierce is correct in saying the investigation into the Trump campaign and obvious obstruction of justice is very costly, but hardly money wasted as he states. Mr. Trump's history of dishonesty, illegal business dealings, and contempt for anything opposing him is merit enough. I would bet that Mr. Pierce agrees, along with most Republicans, that money spent on social programs and assistance to the needy is also a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Mr. Pierce is wrong when he reiterates that the Russian "thing" is a witch hunt, but that was proven wrong when the coven of Jr, Jared, and Manafort met with a Russian contingent. Jr. and Jared plead innocent of collusion, but cannot do so for intent to collude.

The White House 3-Ring Circus is orchestrated by a ringmaster who fills the rings with those whose task is to juggle his latest missteps and walk the high wire while lubricating his narcissistic ego of delusional reality. Enter Mr. Scaramucci, the greatest act to date. Mr. Sessions must refuse to leave his ring, while the master continues to set the Big Top on fire by his ignorance of law, protocol, and civility.

Praise to Brad Sherman and Al Green of the House who have sent on Articles of Impeachment to the House Judiciary Committee. They note Mr. Trump's attempt to obstruct justice by his firing of the lead investigator in the case against him and his cohorts, and can amend it daily with the threats against justice officials which spew from the President's mouth and fly off his nimble fingers.

Innocents don't talk pardons; they seek exoneration through the respected legal system. Just as Ringling Brothers called it quits, it is finally time, and much overdue, for complicit Republicans to back the call to remove this president and also his shadow, Mr. Pence, from their offices of power, and "Make America Great Again" by impeachment and conviction of these two insidious threats to our country.

Jim Laughlin, Charleston


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