I agree with President Trump on Obamacare. Let it die on its own. It was designed to die anyway. Democrats didn’t figure on a Republican president. Their goal was a single-payer, totally government run healthcare system.

Obamacare was designed by Jonathan Gruber who was a highly respected economist. Why he was respected, I don’t know. Everything about Obamacare was a lie. He even admitted it after the fact. He said the American people were stupid and you had to lie about Obamacare because if you told the truth, they would reject it. Now, even after knowing they were lied to, Democrats say we need to keep it or millions of people will die. Funny, but I don’t remember millions of people dying before we had Obamacare.

What we need to do is leave Obamacare alone for now. That takes ammunition away from the Democrats who say Republicans want people to die. Don’t worry, Democrats, you always have Russian spies to talk about. Put market forces to work as we had before and improve choices. First, bring back catastrophic coverage. This was cheap and the deductible was affordable. You pay for the small stuff and insurance covers the big things. Prices of doctor visits would be lower if insurance didn’t pay for it. This insurance was great for poor people and the self-employed. No wonder Obama stopped it. Then allow insurance sales over state lines. Allow people to create groups to cut the cost of insurance. Then, do tort reform to change the laws regarding accidents. Do this last because Congress is mostly lawyers. It could take a while.

A few weeks ago, Democrats said they knew there were problems with Obamacare but when it came time to vote to debate it, not one voted for it. This healthcare vote has taken a long time with no results. Allow people more choices and market forces will take care of it. Lower prices will make the difference. Why have Republicans’ name on it when it dies?

Sid W. Guill, Mattoon


Penny Weaver is the associate publisher and editor of the JG-TC. She also is an award-winning columnist for the newspaper.

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