To David Moore. Thank you. Thank you for your service to our great country. You above a lot of people know what war is. This is what scares me, we are heading that way fast, only this time it will be here. That is what two leaders hating each other can do!

I do respect our country. It’s one I love. I’ve had a father fighting in Germany and stepfather in South Pacific, uncles in Europe in WWII. My husband was in the Army in Korea. My son-in-law in Vietnam. Also I was married to a Marine fighter pilot. So I do know a little about what vets goes through.

But if a President called me like Trump called the widow I would have thought he could have done a better job. No, I don’t hate our President because I have to have feelings about someone to hate them. I don’t respect him. If I ever saw a dictator it is him.

Dictator -- a ruler having absolute authority and supreme jurisdiction over the gov’t and state.

Which he thinks he has. He is all for big money people. If they make a lot more money on these taxes so will he.

He doesn’t respect women or he wouldn’t want Roy Moore in. What if that had been your daughter, sister or mother?

Start at the top and as he would say, “You’re fired!” We don’t need sexual harassment in our gov’t on either party.

Please pay attention to what he is doing.

Bannon said M. Romney family never served in military. Did any of Trump’s family serve?

Helen McCoy, Neoga


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