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I am writing to endorse Kyle Thompson as the ROE #11 Superintendent. As a teacher and teachers union office for the Tuscola School District, I have a unique perspective I would like to share.

The ROE #11 has always been a great source for our teachers, and any time I have contacted the ROE #11 either by email or phone, I have received quick and thorough responses. They have been more than helpful to me and to my fellow educators. One of the many ways they serve our schools and teachers to provide even more quality professional development to help educators grow in their field of teaching.

In speaking with Kyle, the current ROE#11 Assistant Superintendent, they have made a conscientious effort to contact teachers directly so they have first hand knowledge of these sessions. To the lay person, this may not seem important, but to a teacher, it is immeasurable. I know that as the Superintendent of ROE #11, Kyle will strive to further support the schools and their teachers in the region. He knows that by doing this, students will ultimately be the real winners.

As a person, I know Kyle to be a man of integrity, honesty, and compassion which is essential for anyone who is a leader in our educational system. I also respect Kyle for his civic and community service. He frequently volunteers for various groups throughout the region. Working with and listening to the citizens is part of the job, but it also shows that he cares about the very people who impact our educational systems.

Our children’s education is one of the most important things in our communities. Vote for Kyle Thompson for ROE#11 Superintendent as he has already proven to be a champion for our children.

 Jeannie Craddock, Tuscola


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