CHARLESTON — Charleston High School boys' soccer team was shutout by Mahomet Seymour 3-0 on Thursday. 

The teams had their first matchup of the season on September 7th, in which the Charleston soccer team fell to the Mahomet-Seymour Bulldogs 6-1. Garrett reflected on his team’s performance against Mahomet on Thursday evening, stating the team showed strengths.

“We played harder in this game, and we also possessed the ball much better,” Garrett said. “Last time, Mahomet-Seymour made us look like fools.”

Mahomet-Seymour scored two goals in the first half and produced their final goal with only 19 minutes left in the game. Charleston’s perseverance never weakened, the home team showed effort from beginning to end with numerous scoring attempts.

Josh Garrett gave credit to freshman Blake Garrett for his contributions throughout the game. “He really played fantastic tonight,” Josh Garrett said. “When he got the ball, he did good things tonight.”

Charleston senior Dylan Dinkelman said his team performed well but needs to show what they are truly capable of accomplishing.  “Mahomet is a beatable team, but we don’t always play as well as we can,” Dinkelman said. “We just need to get the win, and play to our standard.”

Dinkelman said the team needs to bounce back to maintain a winning season. “We really don’t want a losing season,” Dinkelman said. “If we have a losing season, it’ll be the first time in 20 years.”

After competing Mahomet-Seymour for the second time this season, Charleston senior Jack Thain was pleased with the team’s overall performance despite the loss. “Compared to the last time, we played a lot better,” Thain said. “This is a good team, even though they outplayed us.”

Thain said the Charleston squad played well together as a team, which made it easier to move the ball throughout the game. “We really moved the ball so much better than we did against Lincoln,” Thain said. “We had a lot of chances tonight, but we played so much better as a team.”

The 6-6-1 Trojans will move on to play Danville in a non-conference home game on Saturday at 11 a.m. Charleston now has a 3-5 Apollo Conference record. 


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