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RE-ELECT A SHERIFF WITH INTEGRITY JAMES “JIMMY” RANKIN Greg Voudrie stated according to an expenditure & revenue report he FOIA’d from the Treasurer’s Office, for fiscal year ending 2017 the Sheriff’s Office was $125,000 over budget The Truth: If you are going to accuse someone of being $125,000 over BUDGET you must look at the entire BUDGET, not just a few lines that Greg is choosing to pull from the entire Public Safety budget, which is under the Sheriff’s purview. According to the complete audited budget from the IL Comptrollers website for FY 2017 the Sheriff’s Office was over budget $22,900, this was due to an unforeseen school shooting which all deputies and the Sheriff responded and 3 high profile trials. What is never bought up are the numbers for FY 15 which the Sheriff’s office was $37,300 under budget and FY16 the Sheriff’s office was $107,400.00 under budget. For those 3 years the Sheriff’s Office returned to the County over $121,800.00 According to Greg the maximum time the Sheriff spends in the office is 10 hours a week The Truth: on average the Sheriff is on duty 40 hrs. a week and volunteers countless more. Time sheets are at the Sheriff’s Office to support this Greg states he will take back all budget line items from the command staff in each department indicating he has no confidence in their abilities The Truth: deputies in charge of a budget line item are the highest trained and most experienced in their department and have the best working knowledge to deal with the budget items to ensure that taxpayer’s dollars are spent wisely Greg states the Sheriff is fiscally irresponsible The Truth: as seen in the last 3 fiscal years, the Sheriff has done a fantastic job with the budget.The following are implemented and/or used at the Sheriff’s office: DUI Restitution, Article 36 Vehicle Seizure, grants, gifts, donations, case studies, and lateral transfers all which have saved and/or generated money for the Sheriff’s department and County. Greg states the Sheriff’s Dept. is not the proper place for a prison ministry as inmates are not there long and causes too much work for the correctional officers The Truth: as a Christian, where else would you want a faith based mentoring program if not at a “correctional facility”. Inmates can be housed at the Coles County Jail for up to one year.That’s possibly one year to help individuals turn their lives around and stop the revolving door into and out of jail.Thru virtual visitation whenever an inmate is scheduled to see a mentor they are simply linked thru a station in their jail pod to the mentor in the visitation room by a few simple keystrokes. According to Greg $500,000+ amendment to the budget. The Truth: Sheriff Rankin had a case study completed in the correction’s section that showed the Department was 11 deputies short based on the work load. This included a new bond law that at least 4 deputies are needed for transport to and from other agencies. The rest shows overtime from workload. So if the County is paying $300.000.00 in overtime, we can hire more Deputies with that same money cutting the massive amount of overtime and relieving the stress on our hard working Deputies. This amendment is my written request to the County Board to hire more deputies to relieve the overtime burden as I said I would after the primary election, that way no one can say “we didn’t give you more deputies because you didn’t ask for them”. Greg states per FBI rules he had to provide 2 more years in law enforcement at any department. He also stated he signed a 2 year contract with the City of Mattoon to remain with the Mattoon Police Dept. The Truth: the FBI contract states you must REMAIN in law enforcement for 3 years after graduating the FBI training. Greg remained THREE MONTHS after FBI graduation thus breaching his contract with the FBI and Mattoon Police Dept. CHECK THE FACTS YOURSELF AT THESES SOURCES: for FY15 and FY16 audits of Public Safety e=allunits&originalSearchString=Coles%20County%20%20-%20%20015/000/00&CFID=53530 07&CFTOKEN=6e2594039c4b11c6-1CC1F1FF-5056-93B5-5E42E6F7B8E47B66 click on Annual Audit to find FY17 pdf file A FEW OF SHERIFF RANKIN’S ENDORSEMENTS: Ret. IDOC Asst. Deputy Director Michael Neal, Representative John Shimkus, Senator Dale Righter, Republican Candidate for the 110th Dist. Chris Miller, Former Senator Max Coffey, Ashmore Mayor Kurt Crail, Coles County Republican Party Chairman Travis Coffey, Chief & Mrs.Tad Freezeland, Deputy Clerk Julie Coe, Coles County Treasurer George Edwards, Coles County Circuit Clerk Melissa Hurst, Blake Leitch,Veteran A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board’s official website or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois Paid for by James “Jimmy” Rankin for Sheriff

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