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he BloomingtonNormal area is a
dynamic community
home to 174,647 people
representing Midwest hospitality at
its finest. Our history is celebrated
by numerous Abraham Lincoln
sites, Route 66 nostalgia and our
prestigious museums. We boast a
talented art community and our
downstate entertainment venues,
the Bloomington Center for the
Performing Arts, the Corn Crib,
Grossinger Motors Arena and
Illinois State University’s Braden
Auditorium are second to none.
We have excellent hotels that take
pride in giving our visitors the
best in customer service. Over 200
restaurants in our community gives
us choices from unique dining to
fast food. It’s an ease to get here.
Bloomington-Normal boasts a
bustling airport as well as a
state-of-the-art Amtrak station
with frequent service. Our
communities work well together in
pursuing and hosting events.

These are key reasons the
Bloomington-Normal Area

Convention and Visitors Bureau
was able to attract more than
250,000 visitors in the past year.
These visitors created economic
activity for our communities.
The top five visitor expenditures
according to the Illinois Office
of Tourism are travel, lodging,
dining, retail and entertainment.
Visitors infuse new dollars into
our community, strengthen our
local businesses, and through the
sales taxes, enhance the City of
Bloomington and the Town of
Normal budgets.
McLean County visitors spent
over $365 million dollars in 2016,
ranking us the 9th out of 102
counties in the state for visitor
expenditures. These visitors
were here through the efforts of
many entities. Our businesses,
universities, hotels, attractions and
local organizers all contributed to
these numbers.
The Convention and Visitors
Bureau is a not for profit
promotion agency for our
communities, an information
center and the liaison between

visitors and the facilities that host
them. Our mission is to work to
enhance the region’s economic
vitality, sustainability and quality
of life by marketing the county
as a compelling destination. Our
funding is through a portion of the
local and state hotel tax that the
visitor pays.
BN Awe with the visitors you see
in Bloomington-Normal as they
are contributing to our privileged
quality of life and when you are the
visitor in another community they
should be in awe of you!
The 2018 Visitor Guide is now
available. Request one through our
website at or give
us a call at the Bloomington-Normal
Area Convention and Visitors
Bureau at 309-665-0033.


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