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Citizens who are not registered to vote and cannot leave their home, hospital, nursing home or
other institution because of a permanent physical disability can arrange for voter registration by
contacting the County Clerk’s Office at 424-1333.
A team from the County Clerk’s Office will be sent to the residence of anyone unable to register
with a deputy registrar. Anyone can register at the County Clerk’s Office, Macon County Building,
141. S. Main St. Room 119, Decatur, Illinois from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
The last day to register to vote is Tuesday, February 20, 2018.
If you fail to meet the voter registration deadline, Illinois now has a grace period voter registration
and voting. During the period from February 21st thru March 20th, individuals will be allowed to
change their address or register to vote. You may also vote at that time in the County Clerk’s Office,
141 S. Main, Room 119.
Early Voting will begin February 8th.
Individuals who are sight impaired or have problems reading a written ballot may use the touch
screen voting machines, which are equipped with a device that will read to the voter, the ballot,
and instruct them on how to cast their ballot. The Touch Screen device is equipped with both a
vocal and written audit trail for the voter to review prior to casting their ballot. The device will
be available to vote on during grace period voter registration and voting, early voting, and on
election day.
Persons with disabilities and elderly can vote at a polling place not accessible to them, by special
application to the County Clerk’s Office. Election judges will vote voters who have properly applied
for “Curb Side Voting”. Call the County Clerk at 424-1333 or 424-1309 for further information.
Large type voting instructions and other voting aids will be provided at the polling place and all
election judges will be available to provide assistance when needed if a friend or relative cannot
assist the voter.
For any information concerning voter registration or voting for the elderly or disabled,
please call the Macon County Clerk’s Office at 424-1333 or 424-1309, or check
our website at CO.MACON.IL.US.

Stephen M. Bean,
Macon County Clerk


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