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Finally, Scientists Discover New Way
To Get Relief From Leg and Feet
Burning, Tingling and Numbness
97-Cent Natural Relief That Doctors Don’t Know About
By Michael Plane —
National Health Press
What if your leg and
feet pain was so bad you
couldn’t even walk?
That’s how bad it was
for California mom Katerina McCausland. “ I
would get “hot �lames”
in my legs and feet. The
pain was so bad I could
not even walk. When I
could walk, barely, I had
to constantly hold onto
things. I was terri�ied
of leaving the house and
falling. My life was very
limited and terrible.”
Katerina suffered from
leg and feet pain for
many years. She tried
one prescription drug
after another.
electrical stimulation.
None of these worked.
At her wit’s end, and
fed up with suffering,
Katerina took charge of
her health. She went to
the University Of California library. She started researching what
herbs relieved leg and
feet pain and burning,
tingling and numbness.
Then she lucked out
and found a company
that made a supplement
with these proven safe
herbs people in China have taken for over
3,000 years.
On the third day, her
pain, burning and “hot
�lames” began to lessen and now they are
almost entirely gone.
Today Katerina walks
“If I kept listening to
my doctors, I’d be a cripple today. I’d be stuck in
a wheelchair or nursing
home or with my legs
amputated and cut off.”
Leg and feet problems
could have been almost
like a death sentence for
Katerina – and a shame
for her suffering family.
It is a terrible way to live
out what should be the
best year of your life.
Leg and feet nerve pain
is like a wild�ire. It starts
small, but then quickly
turns into a raging �ire.
The pain and suffering
are terrible - and get
worse if left alone or
treated in a way that
doesn’t work. 86,000
Americans need a limb
amputated each year.
Finally – You Don’t
Have To Suffer
Here’s why you have
pain now:
Your arteries have weakened.
Your arteries can’t carry
enough blood, nutrients
and oxygen down to
your legs and feet. This
damages your nerves
and causes your burning, tingling and numbness.
The 7 herbs in the pill
your arteries that carry blood, nutrients and
oxygen to your feet
and legs. It improves
your circulation so oxygenated blood goes to
the nerves and repairs

Oxygen flow to the legs and feet before and after
using the Chinese herbs in Neuroflo. The increased
oxygen flow indicates soothing relief of burning,
tingling and numbness in the legs and feet.

them. This makes your
nerves grow stronger so your pain fades
away and your legs and
feet feel much younger
Until now, scientists
could not combine all
these herbs into one pill
without losing their full
potency, but �inally, they
have succeeded.

Dr. Ryan Shelton,
M.D. says “This is new
and different. It works
for people who’ve tried
many other things before. It is natural with
no side effects. Don’t
give up hope for your
leg and feet pain, burning, tingling and numbing. This pill is working
for countless people
after other treatments
have failed them.” From
30,000 doses of this
Chinese miracle have
already been sold in
Instead of letting their
doctors control their
health with no real relief, people are taking
this natural approach.
They are staying active
and independent as
they age – and creating
a bright future they are
excited about, instead
of fearing. Now you
too can enjoy your best
years yet.
Treatments All Wrong
In America, drugs and
other OTC formulas try
to super�icially suppress the symptoms.
This may be going after
the problem completely
wrong. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
believes nerve problems are largely caused
by stagnant blood circulation. This causes your
legs and feet NOT to get
enough oxygen-rich, nutrient-rich blood they
need to heal. The ingredients in NeuroFlo get
this crucial blood �lowing to your legs and feet
like a fast-running river
stream so they can feel
better fast.
Want proof? To show

“I had hands and feet tingling and snapping and burning feeling. It made my life very uncomfortable. I had a hard time
walking, my legs felt like they each weighed 50 pounds. Once
I got in my car and my feet felt so heavy I couldn’t even drive
the car. With Neuro!lo I have no more tingling, cold or burning
painful feet. It went away. It helped me I had a good reaction
with it. I’m glad to tell other people about something good that
works. I am impressed with it.”
- Katerina King-McCausland, Murrieta, CA

how important oxygenated blood �low is, hold
your breath. Hold it
too long and you’ll pass
out. This is what’s happening to your feet and
legs now -- they are not
getting the oxygenated
blood �low they need to
feel healthy.
Now you can get a good
night’s sleep - peaceful,
restful sleep – with no
pain, tingling, zinging,
itching or zapping. Improve your balance and
coordination. No side
effects – safe to take
with other medications.
Enjoy your favorite activities and hobbies
again. Be more active,
have more fun, enjoy life
more. Don’t risk irreversible damage to your
feet and hands. Don’t
get worse and wind up
in the hospital or a nursing home.
Neuro�lo is GUARANTEED to work great for
you – or you PAY NOTHING with a 90-day unconditional money-back
guarantee. It is NOT
sold in stores or online.
No prescription or doctor visit is required.

“I couldn’t drive before due
to my leg and feet pain and
burning. I was stuck in the
house and that was very depressing. But now, thanks
to Neuro!lo, I drive everywhere! I am more active
and have more energy. It is
a terri!ic supplement.”
- Valerie Van Dyke,
Pensacola, Florida

Special Offer For
Readers in Illinois
This is the of�icial nationwide release of
NeuroFlo in the United
States. And so, the company is offering a special
discount supply to anyone who calls within the
next 48-hours.
A Regional Order Hotline has been set up
for local readers to call.
This gives everyone
an equal chance to try
NeuroFlo. Starting at
7:00am today, the order
hotline will be open for
All you have to do is call
TOLL-FREE 1-888-4898480 and provide the
operator with the special discount approval
code: NEF158. The company will do the rest.
Important: Due to NeuroFlo’s recent media exposure phone lines are
often busy. If you call,
and do not immediately
get through, please be
patient and call back.
Those who miss the 48hour special discount
offer must pay more for

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results based upon averages. Models are used in all photos to protect privacy.


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