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CBD Shocker:
94% Is Wasted Without
Just One Ingredient
New CBD technology delivers 15X more relief
Beach, FL — Users of a new
breakthrough CBD technology are
reporting astonishing results.
“I feel instant calm, and I’m
sleeping better now than I have in
years. Day or night, I carry this with
me for whenever I need it,” says
Rachel H.
CBD is sweeping America. It’s
transforming the way we support joint
health, improve mood, and get better
No fewer than 12,782 studies have
found that CBD supports better health
in 295 ways. That’s 295 different
health benets — just by taking CBD
But researchers at the New York
University School of Medicine have
made a shocking discovery.
They report that without this new
approach to taking CBD, 94% of this
“miracle molecule” is wasted.

CBD’s Life-Changing Health Benets

when our internal mechanisms slow down, helping
our bodies to their healthy, youthful state.

Millions of Americans age 50+ are reporting
miraculous results from using CBD.

One researcher compared it to “turning back the
molecular clock.”

And peer-reviewed studies by scientists at
prestigious medical institutions like Oxford, Johns
Hopkins and the Salk Institute conrm CBD’s ability
to support:

Overnight memory reboot…

• Healthy neural stem cell growth to give you a
“young again” brain
• Healthy blood pressure
• Comfortable joint function
• Healthy pancreatic b-cells, to promote healthy
insulin levels
• Healthy heart
• Healthy blood sugar
But you won’t get these life-changing results by
taking just any CBD oil on the market today.
The NYU researchers found that when CBD oil
was administered, only 6% of it actually got past the
cell membrane. In other words… 94% of the CBD
was completely wasted.
It did not get to our cells… where all the real
health effects happen.
That’s why our team has spent the last 24 months
working on something very important: a way to do
what all CBD oils fail to achieve.
And that’s to get the maximum amount of CBD
inside our cells… in a fraction of the time.
And now they’ve done it. They’ve developed a
new technology that unleashes total CBD relief…
15 times more, to be exact. Instantly. With a single
1-second spray.
The choice is clear: you can get some help for
mood, discomfort or appetite using regular CBD oil.
Or you can get nearly 300 remarkable benets that
will change your life — thanks to this unique CBD

Lilly H., age 92, had age-related
memory loss, was confused, occasionally
falling down and couldn’t speak clearly.
She often spent her days lying in in bed.
After trying “Nano CBD,” everything
changed — overnight! Lilly says, “I
know it sounds crazy, but it seems like I
was given back a life.”

Healthy blood sugar in 7 days…
David M., age 69, worked to have
healthier blood sugar for 25 years. He
tried exercise, eating right and just about
everything else — and nothing worked.
After stumbling on to “Nano CBD,” he
enjoyed deep, refreshing sleep, healthy
joints and healthy blood sugar levels —
in just one week!

Back discomfort gone
in 1 week…
Kelly H., age 49, reports that despite
trying everything for her back aches
and mental stress over 20 years, nothing
Then she found “Nano CBD” — and
ended her 20-year battle with back
discomfort and mental stress — in just
one week. “I have so much more energy,”
she says. “I’m a different person.”

And the best part? This technology…
• Has no side effects
• Needs no prescription
So whether you’re already taking CBD — or just
thinking about trying it — you need to know about
this new discovery.
“With one spray, I [felt calmer] and slept through
the night, which has not happened in a very long
time,” says Kris R. “I’m very excited about using this
product going forward.”

Why So Much Excitement
About CBD?
Why is CBD such a powerful health rejuvenating
tool? For years, researchers searched for the answer.
Finally, in the early 1990s, they made a
remarkable yet overlooked discovery. It’s called
the endocannabinoid system — the hidden cellular
network in your body that’s designed to work with
This cellular network exists in our brains,
nervous systems and peripheral nervous tissue —
almost everywhere in our bodies. And it’s made up
of receptors that bind specically to cannabinoid
molecules like CBD, enabling these compounds to
penetrate the cells.
This system promotes “homeostasis” — restoring
our body’s functions to their natural, healthy state.
This is how cannabinoids — found in the hemp
plant — work wonders.
And the most powerful, proven compound in the
hemp plant is CBD.
Cannabinoid receptors play a signicant role
in regulating many bodily functions like sleep…
discomfort… appetite… mood… memory… and
many more.
Over time, though, after years of exposure to
toxins, our internal cannabinoid production suffers
from burnout. We become decient in these vital
And we no longer produce the necessary amount
of cannabinoids we need to maintain our health,
vitality and well-being.
As a result, our memory fades, our metabolism
slows, our immune system weakens, joint discomfort
becomes more frequent, our mood sours and our
sleep worsens.
In short, we become unhealthy and aged.
This is why cannabinoids — like CBD — are so
important. They recharge the cannabinoid system

How It Works
A new formula combines three new technologies
to maximize CBD’s health rejuvenating potential,
starting with “Nano CBD” for maximum cellular
It’s called Cool Relief.
First, Cool Relief shrinks the 2,000 nanometer
molecules found in most CBD oils to just 80 nanos.
No bigger than a grain of sand. This is important
because it’s all that can t in your cell membrane.
Any more gets discarded.
This nanotechnology gets 1,500% more CBD past
the cell membrane… rejuvenating your cells to their
young, healthy state.
Second, Cool Relief adds vaporizing technology
for lightning-fast absorption that delivers CBD to
your cells in seconds after swallowing.
Finally, every bottle of Cool Relief contains a
lab-conrmed 310 mg of high-potency CBD, giving
you the same amount used in the clinical studies. A
CO2 process extracts pure CBD from the hemp plant
while eliminating toxins, impurities and chemicals.
The three technologies in Cool Relief transform
a healthy plant compound into a superior health
rejuvenating technology… one that supports “young
again” heart, eyes, brain, lungs and more.

How to Order
Cool Relief Today
Right now, the only way to get this powerful
combination of technologies that maximize CBD
absorption is by ordering the breakthrough Cool
Relief formula.
To secure bottles of this unique formula, buyers
should contact the Toll-Free Health Hotline at 1-866246-5568 within the next 48 hours. This formula is
not available in stores yet. The Hotline allows us to
ship the product directly to the customer.
We feel so strongly about this product that we
offer a 100% money-back guarantee on every order.
Just send back the bottle and any unused product
within 90 days of purchase, and we’ll send you your
money back. The Hotline will be open for the next
48 hours. After that, the phone number will be shut
down to allow us to restock.
Call 1-866-246-5568 to secure your limited supply
of Cool Relief. You don’t need a prescription, and
those who call in the rst 24 hours qualify for a
signicant discount. Use Promo Code NP1119CRF22
when you call in. If the lines are busy, keep trying —
all calls will be answered.



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