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Hearing Loss and
Cognitive Decline

It begins when you need to turn up the television a little louder or ask friends to repeat themselves.
Maybe you misunderstand someone on the phone or mistake one word for another when dining out
with your friends.
For most people, that is enough to alert them that they should come in for a hearing screening and obtain a baseline hearing test.
For others, they feel like their hearing loss is everyone else’s problem. We hear it all the time: “My wife will speak up, my kids know to
email me now instead of call, if someone really wants to talk to me, they’ll get my attention.”
The truth is, however, that hearing loss is all about you. It’s about your brain. You were born with two ears and you need
them to work well in order to keep your brain healthy.
In a recent study, Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline (Frank Lin, M.D., Ph.D. et al. 2013 JAMA Internal Medicine), Dr. Lin explained
his findings:
• Over a 6-year period, individuals with hearing loss had cognitive abilities that declined 30-40% faster than those with normal
• Levels of declining brain function were directly related to the amount of hearing loss.

Beltone Hearing
Care Practitioner

• On average, older adults with hearing loss developed significant impairments in their cognitive abilities 3.2 years sooner than
those with normal hearing.
The truth is that your wife may not mind yelling, your friends may not mind repeating themselves…
But you need to correct your hearing loss in order to keep your brain
And guess what? As you wear hearing devices and begin to hear
better, to understand better, and to better engage with your friends
and family, you strengthen your relationship with them.
The wife of one of our patients said it best: “When
Bob got the hearing aids, going to dinner with him became a delight!
An absolute delight! I felt like we were dating again.”

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Community Hearing Health Centers
(In Avon Crossing next to Dr. Tavel)
7900 E U.S. Hwy 36 Suite E


1 (317) 602-1744
(Corner of Lakeland Blvd &1Marion
Ave) (Next to Subway)
(317) 884-8620
Indy South
1473 Fort Harrison
1721 Marion Ave.

1 (317) 548-4657


(St. Rd. 267 SOUTH of Brownsburg
Medical Ctr.)
1451 S Green St.,

(Southport Rd & Hwy 31)

7007 S Hwy 31 Suite F
Indy Northeast815-894-4768
Community Hearing Health Centers
(Regency Center across from
Community North Hospital)
8202 Clearvista Pkwy Suite 3A

Terre Haute South
1 (317) 348-4737

1 (317) 892-8161

(Collins Plaza)
Wild Wings)
1790 Melody Lane

(317) 623-3546

Indy Northeast

(South of 62nd St. On Allisonville Rd)
6115 Allisonville Rd

1 (317) 608-1321


Curbside Service Available
just call when you arrive and
we will come right out

Indy Northwest

Terre Haute North

Community Hearing Health Centers
(Across from St. Vincent Hospital)
(Intersection of Madison Ave & Longdon St) 2250 W 86th St
299 N Madison Ave

Over 50 Beltone
locations in Indiana.
Call 800-371-HEAR

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All Beltone Indiana offices are locally operated by your friends and neighbors
Please call for an appointment, we are unable to accept walk-ins at this time

1 (317) 884-8607


(Northfield Center)
2214 N. Lebanon St

1 (317) 769-1266


(Western Plaza across from Riverview
247 Sheridan Rd

1 (317) 565-4412

Hearing Services

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