Mattoon High School Class of 1965 holds 50th reunion

The Mattoon High School Class of 1965 held its 50th Class Reunion at the Eagles Club on Sept. 5. Pictured from left to right in Row 1 are David Holloway, Jim Stuckey, David Trout, Wayne Fleming, Barbara Ring Hilligoss, Rex Hilligoss, Mike Sullivan, David Lawrence, Frank Ferris. In row two are Terry Prentis, Carol Williams Protz, Debra Prior Neal, Karen Martin Beck, Penny Adams Browning, Brenda Elder O’Dell, Linda Bosley Highland, Joanne Foley Matherly, Rebecca Daugherty Johnson, Rosemary Phipps Rice, Gloria Welch Dobbs, Gail Phipps Moore, Donna Crandall Janes, Madonna Moyer Hayes, Ellen Janes Hicks, Karen Keller Heusel, Nancy Knowles Jones. In row three are Richard Knollenberg, Marianne Lucier Best, Max Martz, Dennis Thompson, Tom Shafer, Barbara Beason Wilson, Ann Acton Jones, Marsha Cochran Stewart, Susan Borror Fischer, Julie Burwell Stewart, Linda Brown Andres, Linda Jones Thompson, Sharon Roling Howard, Janet Lawyer, Kay Easton Riley, Tom Reichart, Bille Jo Reid. In row four are Jerry Batts, Carol Conner Orndorff, Janet Hall Carter, Corky Campbell, Don Janes, Steve Degler, Rusty O’Day, Tom Oakley, Bill Thornton, Janet Jones, Larry Duncan, Charles Bosley, John Rowe, Jerry Sparling, Velma Lanphier Price, Karen Dowell Taylor, Mary Kathryn Goldstein. Row 5: Doug Blume, Ann Russell, Willie Dole Nelms, Mary Ann Gibbons Rennels, Mary Lou Breeze Bonesteel, Linda Jones Wilhelm, Beverly Werden Wilson, Sue Ann Price Cain, Ellen Tolle Easton, Patty Butts Cahill, Terri Kendall Owens, Sherry Duncan McCall, Barbara Cansler Johnson, Dan Smith. In row six are Nancy Nichols Gordon, Terry Gordon, Linda Rogers Worthington, Dianna Perkins Zollman, Myra Kay Hopper LaFrenz, Karen Wise Livesay, Patty Metzger Cannoy, David Irons, Linda Gilkerson, Gail Grace Morgan, David Kersey, Terry Seldomridge, John Janes, Joyce Miles Lindsay, Wendell Hall. Row 7: Charles Mitchell, Lucy Hoffman, Susie Rodebaugh Swisher, Jude Sanner Long, Francis Fitzgerald, Robert Glover, Marty McFarland, Melvin Unkraut, Tony Nicholson, Tom Seng, Carol Shew Seng, Jim Croft, Bill Morgan, Gary Weber, Joe Cooley.

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