• Farmland, Ashmore, pin 01-0-01562-000, $385,711, Helen Jean Huddlestun estate to Donald Sweeney
  • 62 W. Coolidge Ave., Charleston, $155,000, Toni Riebe, trustee of Rupel legacy trust to A. William Schubert
  • 616 E St., Charleston, $33,500, Violet V. East estate, James Lowell East, executor to Albert C. Anderson
  • 1850 Madison Ave., Charleston, $600,000, Karen E. Petersen to Premier Properties Investment Holdings LLC
  • 1702 Monroe Ave., $63,000, Florence Lauretta Locke, George David Grose, John L. Mayhood and Linda D. Mayhood to Maria Veronica Skidmore
  • 5 Ridgefield Lane, Charleston, $200,000, Darlene L. Matheson to Timothy James Geil and Cynthia Ann Geil
  • 924 Westgate Drive, Charleston, $99,900, Billie E. Boaz to Darlene L. Matheson
  • 2001 11th St., Charleston, $35,800, Maurice E. Stevens and Eunice A. Stevens to Eastern Illinois Rentals LLC
  • 3302 18th St., Charleston, $285,000, Kyle M. Keefer and Tory L. Keefer to Richard W. Engelkes and Cathy L. Engelkes
  • 17826 E. CR 1500N, Charleston, $10,000, Ryan Kyle Babbs to Dexter Swensen and Bailey Swensen
  • 719 Herman Lane, Humboldt, $69,900, Stephanie S. Hoshauer to Samantha J. Cooley
  • 1519 Bell Ave., Mattoon, $110,000, Ramona D. Fonner to Sarah C. Cowger
  • 901 Broadway Ave., Mattoon, $60,000, Leroy Wetzel Trust to Karl and Carol Probst
  • 405 Dewitt Ave., Mattoon, $100, Coles County judge to Champaign Investment LLC
  • 1001 Edgar Ave., Mattoon, $70,000, Gina R. Elliott to Thomas Haney III and Tabitha Haney
  • 311 Marion Ave., Mattoon, $28,000, Vicky Rollison to Robert and Shania Williams
  • 2372 Pond Lane, Mattoon, $30,000, Tonya M. Johnston to Washington Savings Bank Trust
  • 2321 Richmond Ave., Mattoon, $76,500, Paria River Holdings LLC to Be Ro Luong
  • 112 N. 24th St., $40,500, Paria River Holdings LLC to Be Ro Luong
  • 12069 N. CR 020E, Mattoon, $450,000, Jonathan E. Graham to Jacob G. Miller
  • 6030 E. CR 250N, Mattoon, $147,000, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Moritz to Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Moritz
  • 22790 E. CR 1750N, Oakland, $140,000, Cassandra L. Rich to Nicholas Von Lanken and Bethany Von Lanken
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