• Farmland, Charleston, PIN 12-0-00237-000, $808,000, Brenda J. Holmes to Molly B. Holmes
  • Farmland, Charleston, PIN 08-0-00202-000, $808,000, Brenda J. Holmes and Molly B. Holmes to Brenda J. Holmes
  • 315 Lincoln Ave., Charleston, $2,000, Liautaud Development Group to Illinois Department of Transportation
  • 6312 E. County Road 1700N, Humboldt, $226,000, Kelly Todd Seaman estate, deceased to Harold S. and Esther E. Headings
  • 3861 N. County Road 1320E, Lerna, $47,500, Kevin Lugar, executor to Caleb B. Buening
  • 1101 Bell Ave., Mattoon, $82,000, independent co-executor of Fred Donnell Christen estate to Joseph and Ashley Herbert
  • 3013 Champaign Ave., Mattoon, $90,500, Jerry L. Brosam and Michelle Brosam to Geoffrey Blaine Clarkson
  • 311 Illinois Ave., Mattoon, $31,500, James W. Arndt and Kimberly D. Arndt to William F. Arndt and Suzanne Arndt
  • 3212 Marshall Ave., Mattoon, $22,500, Kelli R. Marriott to Mary A. Kottwitz
  • 1100 Stinson Ave., Mattoon, $135,000, Jacob Hortenstine and estate of Virginia Hortenstine to Kimberly Nasta and Jaime Nasta
  • 808 S. 9th St., Mattoon, $48,000, Cinda D. Gaines to J. David and Laura L. Woodrum
  • 131 W. Main St., Oakland, $177,000, Kyley R. Willison to Jennifer M. Kapraun-Veach
  • 221 Silver St., Oakland, $13,000, Janice J. Apple to James T. Wilson
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