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Dear Subscriber,

Thank you for your patience as our carriers deliver papers today. I apologize if you don’t have your paper yet. While your road may be clear, our carriers have a fairly large geographic footprint to cover, and there could be some areas that are still not easily traversable.

Yesterday, we had several carriers who slid off the road, had fender benders or fell. While timely delivery is extremely important to us, so is the safety of our carriers.

Please note that due to the weather, you can access the e-edition (a page-by-page replica version of the print product) on your computer. No need to even sign in today. Just go to jg-tc.com/eedition for immediate access.

We appreciate your readership and are grateful for those who have called in to let us know how much you miss your paper when it isn’t at your home at the usual time. As weather and roads improve, so will the timeliness of our delivery.

Thank you for your understanding!

Staci Molony-Klimek

Regional Director/Audience Development Central IL SBU

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