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Eating meat and cheese will help you live longer

A new study has found that eating red meat & cheese actually will help you live longer.  Read more

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The secret to a deep-dish apple pie? Precooking the apples

There's no better way to enjoy fall's abundant apple harvest than in a towering deep-dish pie. Unfortunately, this dessert often yields unevenly cooked, shrunken apples swimming in an ocean of their own exuded juices atop a pale, soggy crust. Read more

A green beer that looks like algae? It's all for clean water

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — There are spicy beers and even peanut butter beers, made to stand out on crowded shelves. Then there's a murky, green brew that looks a lot like algae. It's making a statement on the one ingredient brewers can't do without — clean water. Read more

A bourbon bread pudding with a real taste of New Orleans

We started our New Orleans Bourbon Bread Pudding recipe by tearing a baguette into ragged pieces, which gave the bread pudding a rustic look. We then toasted the bread to a deep golden brown, which prevented the prepared recipe from turning soggy. Read more

Kimbal Musk talks food, deflects his brother's bad press

NEW YORK (AP) — While one Musk was on the verge of announcing the first private passenger to travel to the moon while separately fending off a lawsuit accusing him of defaming a British diver, another Musk was talking about growing basil plants at an indoor garden in Brooklyn. Read more

Environmental Nutrition: Healthy diet, health brain

Plenty of diets are designed to help you lose weight, or reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes or high blood pressure. But there is also research that clearly indicates a connection between what you put on your plate and the health of your brain. In other words, a healthy diet... Read more

EatingWell: Fajitas made easy

One sheet pan is all you'll need to whip up these zesty chicken fajitas. They're quick and easy to make, and cleanup is even faster! 1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Read more

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🍔 Chow Down: 16 best places in Decatur to get a burger

To celebrate National Cheeseburger Day on September 18, here are the 16 best places to get a burger in Decatur. Read more

Put ice in your hamburger? 27 great grilling tips

Grilling season is well underway, and we’ve got you covered. Before you break out the grill for the Fourth of July, check out these tips fr… Read more

15 low-calorie menu items at national chains

Here's what to order at fast food and casual dining restaurant chains if you're cutting calories. Read more


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Connecticut's Shady Glen featured on television show

MANCHESTER, Conn. (AP) — A Connecticut restaurant known for its unusual cheeseburgers is getting some national television exposure. Read more

UN says more worldwide going hungry, blames climate change

ROME (AP) — The number of hungry people in the world is growing again, in large part due to climate change that is wreaking havoc on crop production in much of the developing world, the United Nations said Tuesday Read more

New sugar label rules about maple syrup, honey coming soon

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says new guidance about added sugars that will provide an alternate labeling option for pure maple syrup and honey will be released next year. Read more


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