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Most loved this week

Charleston firefighter arrested for trespassing in Mitchell-Jerdan ambulance

MATTOON — A Charleston firefighter was arrested Wednesday after police said he turned on the emerge…

LETTER: Democrats focusing on all the wrong things

Where has the two party system of the United States gone?

Company, community celebrate 40th anniversary of Mars Petcare in Mattoon

MATTOON — As Mars Petcare Mattoon celebrated its 40th anniversary on Friday, Site Manager Kim Henni…

Hero teacher during Mattoon High School shooting awarded internationally given medal

MATTOON — The local hero known for subduing the teen responsible for the Mattoon High School shooti…

'A welcoming state': Pritzker signs immigrant protection bills

SPRINGFIELD – Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed three bills into law Friday that aim to protect undocumented immigrants in Illinois, policies that he said stand in sharp contrast with those of President Donald Trump.

Eastern Illinois receiver Eric Rooks' six time zone journey has him back in home state, ready to compete

Eric Rooks, in two years, essentially traveled 20 percent of the distance around the globe.


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