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Mitchell-Jerdan equipment

Mitchell-Jerdan Ambulance service has recently purchased four Zoll X-Series Monitor/Defibrillators to equip in its ambulances.

MATTOON -- Mitchell-Jerdan Ambulance Service announced it recently purchased four new ZOLL X-Series Monitor/Defibrillators to equip its ambulances, replacing its aging monitor/defibrillators.

Sudden cardiac arrest is an abrupt disruption of the heart’s function, and requires a quick response by emergency medical services to prevent death, according to a press release from Mitchell-Jerdan.

Lack of blood flow results in the loss of blood pressure, pulse, and consciousness and can lead to death without prompt care.

These monitors will help Mitchell-Jerdan paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) analyze time-critical information and aid them in making the correct decisions to stabilize a person.

The ZOLL X Series is about half the size and half the weight of the agency’s current monitor-defibrillators, but is much more powerful than the old monitor/defibrillators.

“Once a person is in cardiac arrest, it’s a matter of life and death,” said Greg Jerdan, owner. “The X Series allows us to assess patient’s needs quickly and wirelessly transmit critical information to any of the surrounding hospitals in minutes of contacting the patient.”

This allows physicians and registered nurses to be better prepared when the ambulance arrives into the emergency room.

Wireless transmission allows the EMS crew and hospital staff to work more efficiently together and start treating the patient faster and more effectively without delay, he noted.

“The new monitors not only helps us save lives, but makes the lives of our first responders a great deal easier by having so many life-saving capabilities in one unit,” Kendra Jerdan, manager, added. “With this upgraded technology, we believe we are better equipped to care for the citizens whom we are honored to serve.”

This monitor takes blood pressure readings in half the time as other monitors, provides rapid monitoring of various heart functions, measures carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide data.

It can also provide external pacing and electrical shock to the heart, if needed.

Other features from this cardiac monitor/defibrillator include the ability to monitor and improve CPR quality to keep oxygen-rich blood flowing. This helps increase the survival rate during a cardiac event.

“These state-of-art monitor/defibrillators will help our paramedics and EMTs at Mitchell-Jerdan Ambulance Service make patient care decisions faster and with added accuracy because patient data is provided and relayed to the hospital rapidly. All data is provided in a simple real-time display. All of which are critical components for our paramedics and EMTs to be able to use for assessment and care for critical patient,” said Jerdan.

In addition to adding new equipment, Mitchell-Jerdan Ambulance Service is exploring options of expanding their fleet of ambulances in the City of Mattoon.


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