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Author David Vince believes in chasing dreams, but even more than that, he believes that one doesn’t have to be perfect in order to achieve success.

The first-time author and a 29-year baseball coach recently published his memoir, “When Life Throws You Curves, Keep Swinging.” The book is about coaching. It is about taking the road less traveled. It is about having faith to know that God will see you through difficult times.

Written in his own words, Vince, along with co-author Jeremy M. Harper, tells his story about being born with tibial hemimelia, a condition that affects the development of the tibias in both legs, which resulted in Vince being a double above-knee amputee and learning to walk using two prostheses and crutches as a young boy.

His book brings to life his professional career in coaching sports — and its stumbling blocks — but also, the obstacles and support he had growing up.

Always enjoying sports, but having limited participation due to his physical disability, Vince describes his passion for sports and the path he took. He touches on the bullies he faced as a grade schooler, and the struggles it took to finally get to live the dream of being a college baseball coach, even after never being able to play the game himself.

But, even though, he enjoyed 470 career wins; saw several players earn baseball scholarships; appreciated five of his players being selected in the Major League Baseball draft; and was named Coach of the Year, 10 different times, in the sport of baseball.

As a youngster, he took a shot at basketball, but as he grew older and the competition became more serious, he enjoyed sports from the bleachers or as student managers of teams. He watched his younger brother play and also enjoyed sports in his own backyard and driveway. It was the sport of baseball that he took most seriously, acting as a batting coach, fielding coach and pitching coach to his brother, while playing aspects of the game at home.

Following his all-star athlete brother, Vince learned the game even better. He picked up techniques that eventually helped him to become a successful baseball coach. It was after graduating from high school in 1977 that he was able to confide in his youth pastor that although he felt a desk job would be in his future due to his handicap, he really wanted to coach. The pastor suggested he strive toward a degree in physical education, a class he never took throughout high school.

The book is about overcoming obstacles. It is a story about this coach’s life, his marriage and family, and career, plus having the faith to hand things over to God. He cites scriptures in the book that gave him strength when difficult times were had. It shows his tenacity and perseverance and the importance of never giving up on the field — as well as in life.

The easy-to-read book includes 11 short chapters and many photos in its 120 pages within the paperback cover. It was published in 2012 by Langmarc Publishing in Austin, Texas. The author resides in Ragley, La., with his wife and children. The book can be purchased from the author or on

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