15 Cheap Secret Santa gifts you won’t be embarrassed to reveal are yours

Cheap Secret Santa gifts that people actually want are hard to come by. Instead of taking the lazy way out (with a gift card), take a look through these insanely popular items on Amazon.

Gifts for the one that needs to go hands-free.

EZ Drinker Beer & Soda Can Holster

This stylish, adjustable belt holds 6 beverages. Pick it up here for $6.69.

Gifts for the chef with everything else.

Altarmoss Nessie Soup Ladle

This set of 2 ladles is endangered of selling out. Pick them up here for $4.89.

Gifts for the music lover that's constantly adjusting their headphones.

For the music lover that's constantly adjusting their headphones.

EarBuddyz slip over Apple EarPods and keep them in place by conforming to your inner ear. Pick them up here for $6.95.

Gifts for someone that needs a little inspiration.

Braver Stronger Smarter

Lightweight, expandable and only $9.79. Get it here.

Gifts for the one who thinks they're crafty.

Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes Kit

If adult coloring can be a thing, can't paper airplanes and stickers be a thing? Get it here for $6.80.

Speaking of adult coloring...

Sargent Art Premium Coloring Pencils

This pack of 50 colored pencils is highly-rated with over 2,000 reviews. Get it here for $6.14.

Gifts for the casual makeup enthusiast.

Makeup Brush Set

With 1,800 reviews and four stars, these gold beauties are worth every penny of $5.30. Pick them up here.

Gifts for the one who appreciates practical gifts.

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Burt's Bees

Everyone is in need of lip balm, always. Get this 4-pack for $8.94.

Gifts for the dog owner.

Fruitables Skinny Minis Apple Bacon

Ingredients include bacon. What more do you need to know? Get it here for $3.14.

Gifts for the carnivorous snacker.

Jack Links Snack Packs

5 lunch packs of beef jerky for just $7.49. Get it here.

Gifts for the one with a sweet tooth.


You can't go wrong with candy, and there's a lot of it for just $5.24. Pick it up here.

Gifts for the health nut/hipster.

Good Night Essential Oil

Essential oils are useful around the house, in a bath or even your skincare routine. Get it here for just $7.49.

Gifts for the young at heart.

Shrinky Dinks Minis Mermaids

It says 5 years of age OR OLDER. 32 is older! Pick it up here for $3.92.

Gifts for basically anyone that likes fun.

Post-it Cat

Post-it Cat holds 3x3 inch Post-it Notes. Get it here for $5.52.

Gifts for the one who's feeling lucky.

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled

Great for parties, offices, camping or even a gag gift. Get it here for $8.48.

Prices listed were current as of Nov. 20, 2016 and are subject to change. Lee Enterprises is a partner with Amazon and may receive a portion of the proceeds from any purchases through this website.


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