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If you love the look of colorful succulents, flowers, and houseplants but have a habit of killing everything green that enters your home, these 4 plant-inspired home décor items will give you that natural springtime vibe—no watering required.

1) Cactus Tealight Candles

There’s only one problem with these succulent and cactus shaped tealight candles—they’re so adorable that you might have trouble lighting them. But at just $15 for 12 pieces, they’re an affordable way to add a pop of green to any room.

2) Sola Wood Flower Diffusers

If you can’t keep flowers alive, try this wood flower bouquet. The stems function as reed diffusers, so you can soak them in any vase with aromatherapy and carrier oil for a scented bouquet that never wilts.

3) Tropical Throw Pillow Covers

This set of 4 tropical plant print pillow covers are an easy way to add green to your living room without keeping something alive. At under $25, they’re easy to swap out whenever you need a change in décor.

4) Orchid Lamp

If you constantly forget to water flowers, this artificial orchid with LED lights is a fail-proof alternative. The battery operated potted faux-flower makes a perfect bedside lamp or dining table centerpiece.


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