MATTOON — Lake Land College recently recognized the service of its dual credit and adjunct instructors at the 2013 Adjunct and Dual Credit Recognition Banquet.

More than 400 adjunct and dual credit instructors work for Lake Land College, and according to Scott Lensink, president of the college, they play an integral part in offering excellent educational programs to the district’s 180,000 residents.

“You each offer an invaluable service to the college and its students,” said Lensink. “I’ve met many students who might not otherwise go on to pursue higher education if it hadn’t been for the positive experience they had with a Dual Credit class while in high school. Likewise, many of you adjuncts offer classes at off-campus locations or at times in the evening that provide access to education for students who can’t make it to campus during the day.”

During the banquet, the Lake Land College nominee for the Illinois Community College Trustee Association Outstanding Part-Time Faculty Member Award was announced. This year’s nominee is Sarah Wright from St. Elmo whose contributions to the college include creating a Health Information and Medical Coding associate degree and a Medical Coding Specialist certificate, and serving on the Lake Land College Medical Coding Advisory Council, to name a few.

Wright is also a member of the American Health Information Management Association, the American Academy of Professional Coders and American Urological Association Practice Manager’s Network. Additionally, she has had three articles published in the Outpatient Surgery Magazine and was a guest speaker at the 2005 ASC meeting.

According to Brent Todd, director of Dual Credit, Wright has taught 12 different courses for the college, many of which are provided through dislocated workers programs.

“Sarah serves as a beacon of hope for a lot of her students because they are often disillusioned since they’ve recently lost their job,” said Todd. “She offers them a way to move ahead and re-train so that they can get right back into the workforce.”

The following adjunct instructors were honored for their service to Lake Land College:

Five years of service:

John Belleau, Ryan Berkheimer, Lisa Bluhm, Katie Crowder, Denise Demers, Debra Denton, Pamela Diel, Brooke Ferguson, Roxie Gentry, Camille Gordon, Amy Harrington, Derrick Helmbacher, Robin Kralman, Bonnie Kruse, James (Matt) MacDonald, Lisa Madlem, Damon McNeill, Kathryn O’Dell, Stacia Ozier, Megan Rankin, Sharon Richards, Corey Taylor, Justin Thomas, Rebecca Thurn, Brent Todd, Tara Watson, and Jason Wright

10 years of service:

Donald Freesmeier, Linda Gates, Nancy Grant, Alesia Grigg, Katherine Hickenbottom, Pamela Mulvey, Susan Nugent, Debora Power, Clayton Roan, Michele Robertson, Madge Shoot, Pamela Siddens, Donna Taflinger, Terry Waggoner, Sterling Walden, Blaine Watson, and Dennise Wilson-Kuhn

15 years of service:

Sheri Barnett, Paula Diel, Solomon Dzakuma, Andrew Fearn, Steven Harmon, Carla Huddlestun, Kristina Reider, Lynn Semple, Shirley Sherwood, William Shuler, and Jerad Zimmerle.

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20 years of service:

Sharon Brown, Diana Glosser, Scott Gradle, Rebecca Marcussen, Cheri Prahl, and M. Lagene Rudibaugh.

25 years of service:

Larry Arney

30 years of service:

Vera Keplar, June Kriesel, and Cheryl Stolz.

The following Dual Credit instructors were honored for their service to Lake Land College:

One to four years of service:

Brendan Aydt, Cumberland High School; Jennifer Barker, Stewardson-Strasburg High School; Jessica Bartlett, Mattoon High School; Katrina Bauer, Effingham High School; Holly Bauman, Pana High School; Bryan Bennett, Casey-Westfield High School; Jennifer Boerngen, Effingham High School; Martin Call, Okaw Valley High School; Charlie Carver, Shiloh High School; Nick Casey, Okaw Area Vocational Center; Linda Casteel, Arthur-Lovington High School; Lynetta Christman, EIEFES; Carol Cline, EIEFES; Gregory Cothern, Pana High School; Britney Cowan, Windsor High School; Jeanne Dau, EIU Business Solutions; Vicki Dougherty, EIEFES; Robin Elam, Altamont High School; Keith Endsley, Shelbyville High School; Tami Frailey, Chrisman High School; Andrew Gaines, LLC Pathways; Jeremy Gibson, Mattoon High School; Martin Gibson, Neoga High School; Mandy Hanner, Oakland High School; Gail Hardiek, Brownstown High School; Krista Jackley, Mattoon High School; Kip Johnson, Dieterich High School; Sherra Johnson, Neoga High School; Amy King, St. Anthony High School; David Koleson, Okaw Area Vocational Center; Misty Mapes, Teutopolis High School; Eric Mueller, Shiloh High School; Dirk Muffler, LLC Pathways; Anna Patton, Pana High School; Kevin Perkins, Beecher City High School; Kimerly Perkins, Okaw Area Vocational Center; Sheila Plummer, Cumberland High School; Teresa Plummer, LLC Pathways; Karen Reeves, EIEFES; Allison Salvato, Marshall High School; Mary Kay Schmidt, Marshall High School; Gary Schulze, Okaw Area Vocational Center; Danielle Seibring, Sullivan High School; Jere Shuler, Mattoon High School; Pamela Siddens, Cowden-Herrick High School; Katie Small, Martinsville High School; Jody Smith, Paris Cooperative High School; Jill Snearley, Sullivan High School; Deeanna Stalets, Pana High School; Patty Stark, Oakland High School; Kristine Steele, EIEFES; Rachel Steele, Okaw Area Vocational Center; Kelly Stortzum, Effingham High School; Heather Strom, Pana High School; Stephanie Uebinger, Effingham High School; and Rita Wakefield, Brownstown High School.

Five to nine years of service:

JoEllen Armstrong, EIEFES; Larry Arney, Dietercih High School; Lesley Baker, Windsor High School; Rachel Banfield, Shelbyville High School; Marilyn Biehler, Shelbyville High School; Margaret Blair, EIEFES; Amanda Bright, Mattoon High School; Cathy Brimner, Kansas High School; Lori Butts, Marshall High School; Kendra Carroll, Shiloh High School; Linda Casteel, Arthur-Lovington High School; Gary Doughan, Paris Cooperative High School; Renee Frost, Stewardson-Strasburg High School; Meredith Dust, Altamont High School; Todd Ehlers, Okaw Area Vocational Center; Robert Evaul, Ramsey High School; Joseph Fatheree, Effingham High School; Patricia Finks, Shelbyville High School; Wendy Griesemer, Shelbyville High School; Larry Gruis, First Baptist Christian Academy; Kari Hagy, Ramsey High School; Janet Hasten, Marshall High School; David Hickox, Casey-Westfield High School; David Hickox, Casey-Westfield High School; Lisa Hoekstra, Beecher City High School; Dee Honn, Arthur-Lovington High School; Sally Hooten, Windsor High School; Lisa Huddlestun, Kansas High School; Angela Johnson, Effingham High School; Sara Kramer, Charleston High School; Ashley Kreke, Dieterich High School; Susan Logan, EIEFES; Alisha Lowry, Martinsville High School; Joshua Maxwell, Shelbyville High School; Bonnie Mayer, Ramsey High School; Dustin McDonald, Pana High School; Justin Musselwhite, Marshall High School; Vicki Pierce, Casey-Westfield High School; Tara Raddatz, Effingham High School; Gregory Reynolds, Shelbyville High School; William Richey, Marshall High School; Laura Roberts, Mattoon High School; David Ruff, Effingham High School; Kristine Sayers, Beecher City High School; Pamela Siddens, Cowden-Herrick High School; Staci Sieben, Ramsey High School; Linda Smith, Casey-Westfield High School; Jim Sparks, Mattoon High School; Lori Starwalt, Cumberland High School; Laura Sullivan, EIEFES; Mark Thomas, Paris Cooperative High School; Mandy Totten Shelbyville High School; Katrina Van Dyke, EIEFES; Karla Waymoth, Casey-Westfield High School; Carlene Weber, Teutopolis High School; Charles Wilson, Teutopolis High School; and Russell Witmer, Paris Cooperative High School.

For 10 or more years of service:

James Aydt, Paris Cooperative High School; Becky Bear, Marshall High School; Daniel Blankenship, Teutopolis High School; Gregory Brumleve, Effingham High School; Shari Bruyn, Okaw Valley High School; Donald Crawford, Windsor High School; Diana Grinestaff, Teutopolis High School; Diane Hankins Pana High School, Joy Jones, St. Anthony High School; Mark Kannmacher, Martinsville High School; Tammy Keller, St. Anthony High School; Mark Munch, Shelbyville High School; Angela Niebrugge, Charleston High School; Jennie O’Rourke, Marshall High School; Kurt Roberts, Effingham High School; Margaret Warrem, Mattoon High School; Carena Watson, Pana High School; Nellie Wiseman, Charleston High School; and Jane Witmer, Paris Cooperative High School.


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