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How to Help a Hurricane Harvey Animal Victim

Abandoned dog lying on the ground

As you have seen on the news and on social media, Hurricane Harvey has caused a lot of turmoil and destruction to millions of people in the southern area of the United States. While a lot of the media attention has focused on helping the people, a lot of helpers and contributors are forgetting about the pets that were abandoned or given up because of the tropical storm. Thousands of people and pets have been displaced, and still many are waiting to be rescued.


Many pets have been left behind, abandoned in homes, chained to trees and left for strangers and animal shelters to come to the rescue. Awful, right? Who in their right mind could leave such an innocent living thing at the mercy of mother natures wrath. 


Despite the turmoil and the sadness that comes from these stories, there are ways that you can help! Here's how:

  • Adopt. Have you been ready to add a furry member to your family? With more animals than ever in shelters and rescue agencies, this is the perfect time to offer a forever home to a pet in need. Check available cats or available dogs pages, which are updated in real time. 
  • Volunteer. In cities such as Houston or Austin, we have opportunities for you! Please check the locations effected by Harvey for more info.
  • Stay connected. Shelters have changing needs and updates, and this situation will outlive the initial triage that rescuers have to conduct in these areas. Make sure you’re subscribed to newsletters to receive new information, and follow these organizations such the SPCA and Hurricane Harvey Animal Rescue on social media for the most recent updates!
  • Donate to help rebuild. If you don't live in the effected states, you can still help by donating money. Every cent donated will be spent on the recovery efforts to help reunite pets with families, help animals turned into shelters to find homes, and to help the areas effected with their rescue groups and shelters to rebuild and recover.
  • Share your story. The more awareness, the better! 




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