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    It can be very easy to overeat, whether it be out of hunger, boredom or just for comfort. But thankfully, Jamie Nadaeu, a registered dietitian from the US, has suggested some treats to stop you from overeating.

    We often get messages that bread is one of the worst foods you can eat. There are entire diets centered around cutting out bread and other carbohydrates.


    Does forced cheerfulness at work lead to burnout? A new study finds that forcing yourself to be cheery at work can be emotionally exhausting, leaving some workers feeling drained, distracted and maybe even less productive. Read more

    President Joe Biden says his administration's goal of ending hunger in the U.S. by the end of the decade is ambitious but doable, if only the nation would work together. It was the president at his most optimistic, sketching out a future where no child in the U.S. would go hungry, and diet-related diseases would diminish because of better, healthier food alternatives and access to vast outdoor spaces. He said:  “Everyone, everyone has an important role to play.” According to federal officials, some 10% of U.S. households in 2021 suffered food insecurity, meaning they were uncertain they could get enough food to feed themselves or their families.

    Shares of Biogen and other drugmakers researching Alzheimer’s disease soared early Wednesday after Japan’s Eisai Co. said its potential treatment appeared to slow the fatal disease in a late-stage study. Eisai announced results late Tuesday from a global study of nearly 1,800 people with early-stage Alzheimer’s. The drugmaker said early results showed that its treatment, lecanemab, reduced patient clinical decline by 27% when compared to a placebo or fake drug after 18 months of the infused treatment. Patients were monitored using a scale that measures how they do in areas like memory, judgement, problem solving and personal care.

    These aren’t your freezer aisle jalapeno poppers. You can eat these with your pinky up. These vegetarian-friendly jalapeno poppers from Cookie and Kate are filled with herbed cream cheese and topped with a little golden cheddar to balance the spice of the pepper.

    Queso fundido is the party appetizer that makes everyone want to grab seconds. This recipe from Chili Pepper Madness has a kick from the spicy chorizo and a little crunch from cooked poblano peppers and onions. Top it with homemade salsa and avocado and serve it hot with your favorite chips.

    If you need a vegan appetizer on the table that everyone will enjoy, try this corn chip fried pickle recipe from Turnip Vegan. Serving it with the homemade Louisiana hot sauce aioli is a must.

    Can a football watch party have too many dips? (The answer is obviously no.) This cheesy, creamy spinach artichoke dip from Robust Recipes is hiding a secret: it’s healthier than traditional recipes. White beans blended into the sauce and Greek yogurt to replace half of the cream cheese make this dip just as flavorful but a little lighter.

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