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MOVE OVER, SLOW DOWN: Coles County officers aggressively enforcing Scott's Law

CHARLESTON -- It is a sentiment shared among law enforcement across the state: there are too many easily avoidable situations like the one that turned fatal for State Trooper Brooke Jones-Story.

Mother's Bar arson brings 24-year prison sentence

CHARLESTON -- It was "not just a local bar that was destroyed" when Brian T. Griffin set fire to the Mother's tavern building in Charleston last year, a judge said of the crime Tuesday.

Eastern Illinois University rural teacher pilot program emphasizes community, relationships

SHELBYVILLE — Living and working in a small town is all about community.


Compelling insights from the heart of our community.

Mattoon's Lumpkin remembered as the 'happiest person'

MATTOON — The simple act of driving through a sun-lit wheat field so a family could enjoy the beauty was something that inspired a lifetime of devotion and commitment to the community.

VIDEO: Shores Jewelry building demolition begins in Mattoon

MATTOON -- Contractors began the demolition of the fire damaged Shores Jewelry building in downtown Mattoon on Tuesday by starting to remove the three layers of the front facade.

OUTLOOK: New students expected to fill gap left by this year's Eastern Illinois University grads

CHARLESTON — A large pool of Eastern Illinois University graduates will be walking across the stage Saturday to receive their diplomas.

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