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MOVE OVER, SLOW DOWN: Coles County officers aggressively enforcing Scott's Law

CHARLESTON -- It is a sentiment shared among law enforcement across the state: there are too many easily avoidable situations like the one that turned fatal for State Trooper Brooke Jones-Story.

Mother's Bar arson brings 24-year prison sentence

CHARLESTON -- It was "not just a local bar that was destroyed" when Brian T. Griffin set fire to the Mother's tavern building in Charleston last year, a judge said of the crime Tuesday.

Eastern Illinois University rural teacher pilot program emphasizes community, relationships

SHELBYVILLE — Living and working in a small town is all about community.


Compelling insights from the heart of our community.

Community leaders share stories of Dick Lumpkin's legacy

MATTOON -- Consolidated Communications' Dick Lumpkin was active with several community organization over the years on his own and through his leadership role with the Lumpkin Family Foundation.

Family amazed by support of 22-month-old cancer patient from Mattoon

MATTOON -- Ever since 22-month-old Journey Campton of Mattoon was diagnosed with cancer in late January, her parents have traveled countless miles for her treatment at St. Louis Children's Hospital.

Neoga schools adding to academic programs

NEOGA — Students in Neoga have been learning lessons taught via interactive Promethean boards, building video game consoles, and using a computer-guided industrial metal cutting and wood routing machine.

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