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Watch now: Competing clean energy proposals emerge in Springfield

Lawmakers, lobbyists and energy industry officials in Springfield agree on the obvious — the future of energy generation involves moving away from dirty fossil fuels towards clean sources like wind and solar. 


Sports betting just got harder for some Illinois residents. Here's how.

For Illinois residents in communities without easy access to a casino, racetrack or off-track betting facility that hosts a sportsbook, it just got much harder to open a legal sports betting account. 

Watch now: Illinois had $2.46 billion in sports bets over 10 months. The numbers keep growing.

Sports betting became legal in Illinois a year ago. Then came COVD — and an opportunity. 


Compelling insights from the heart of our community.

12 photos of Charleston locations from our archives

A look back at history photos of the Charleston area. 

20 artists who played at Eastern Illinois University 🎶

This certainly does not cover all of them, but here is a look back at some of the big names that have performed at Eastern Illinois University.

10 photos of Charleston from the JG-TC archives

A look back at history photos of the Charleston area. 

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