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CHARLESTON (JG-TC) -- The city adopted the state prevailing wage set by the Illinois Department of Labor after a City Council vote Wednesday.

According to the measure, these rates are published by state labor department for each county. As previously reported, the most recently posted rates were published June 5, and the rates the city could adopt reflect that.

Mayor Brandon Combs said the state department can change these rates, however, the rates would not likely change that much.

By law, the city must establish prevailing wage rates each year for Public Works projects.

Prevailing wage continues to be a hot topic in Springfield, specifically among Republican lawmakers, who are calling for reforms to these rates. Public entities like the city and Eastern Illinois University must use these rates for a majority of project labor.

The Human Resources department for the city has been removed after a council vote.

Functions of the department have been taken over by other departments since 2015, as previously stated. These functions include recruitment, hiring, benefit and salary administration, workers’ compensation, and employee relations, safety and training, according to the measure.

These tasks are being handled by the City Comptroller's Office, the city manager and human resource consultants.


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