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Thursday at MHS

Students enter Mattoon High School on Thursday morning with police standing by, a day after a shooting in the school cafeteria.

MATTOON (JG-TC) -- Students returned to class this morning at Mattoon High School, a day after a shooting occurred in the school cafeteria.

Police were on site, and the school district said earlier that counseling will be offered to anyone who requests it.

About midday Wednesday, a male student opened fire in the cafeteria, wounding one other male student. An MHS teacher, who has been identified as Angela McQueen, subdued the shooter, according to authorities, and the police department's on-site school resource officer disarmed the young man. The school was quickly evacuated and students congregated in safe spaces.

High schoolers then were bused to Riddle Elementary School, where their parents could pick them up.

The shooting was related to a bullying situation, according to sources.

More information on this story will be posted as it is available.

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