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CHARLESTON -- Bids for prices for natural gas will be an addition to the energy aggregation contract that goes before the Coles County Board on Tuesday.

The board is scheduled to vote to renew a contract with the Good Energy company to handle bids and purchases of electricity and gas for county buildings.

The aggregation agreement, which is supposed to result in lower utility costs, previously involved bids for electricity only.

The previous agreement was put in place three years ago. The plan is designed to save on utility costs by allowing several customers, in this case various units of local government, to seek bids together.

A bidding process set for later this month will seek bids on the utilities for the cities of Charleston, Arcola and Paris, as well as Coles County.

The board's meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday. It's set to take place in a courtroom on the courthouse second floor, instead of the board's regular third-floor meeting room, to ensure enough seating for people who might attend.

Other votes scheduled for the meeting include:

  • Awarding a contract to Depew & Owen Builders Inc. of Centralia for just less than $300,000 to replace a bridge just east of Illinois Route 49 in Ashmore Township.
  • Approving an application for a grant from the Illinois Voter Registration System for the County Clerk's Office to receive about $27,000 for voter registration and other voting expenses.
  • Amending the county food sanitation ordinance to match state changes to meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements. The changes involve the scoring system used for food vendor inspections.

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Dave Fopay is a reporter for the JG-TC who covers Coles County, the local court system, Charleston schools and more.

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