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  • 116 DeWitt Ave. and 1104 Richmond Ave., Mattoon, purchased by Gary and Deb Renfro, rural Windsor, from Ruth E. Woods, 2513 DeWitt Ave., Mattoon, $13,000.
  • 1201 N. County Road 1900E, Charleston, purchased by Brian S. and Lora L. Hutchins, 1485 N. County Road 1900E, Charleston, from James H. and Kathleen M. Laake, Chino Valley, Ariz., $410,000.
  • 15 Pear Tree Court, Charleston, purchased by Karen J. Ketler, 15 Pear Tree Court, Charleston, from Michael J. Salinas, Austin, Texas, $225,800.
  • 508 Division St., Charleston, purchased by D&T Investments LLC, Aurora, Colo., from David J. Blausey, Wimberley, Texas, $26,000.
  • 22 Elm Ridge, Mattoon, purchased by Paul J. Martinson, 22 Elm Ridge, Mattoon, from Michael Tyler Lucier, 112 Oman Court, Mattoon, $172,000.
  • 2521 Terrace Lane, Charleston, purchased by David and Kimberly Ballard, 2521 Terrace Lane, Charleston, from Zachary Hutchinson et al, rural Greenup, $90,000.
  • 1200 Lake Land Blvd., Mattoon, purchased by Cindy Hanley, 1200 Lake Land Blvd., Mattoon, from Robert and Rachel Schafer, rural Neoga, $41,000.
  • 28 Greenbriar Drive, Mattoon, purchased by Dane Church and Kendra Jerdan, 28 Greenbriar Drive, Mattoon, from Edward C. and Barbara P. Hoppin, 1601 Broadmoor, Mattoon, $310,000.
  • 3412 Oak Ave., Mattoon, purchased by Matthew D. Harden, 3412 Oak Ave., Mattoon, from Blake T. Craft, 13 Stacy Lane, Mattoon, $109,000.
  • 29 Wintercress Lane, Mattoon, purchased by James and Linda Short, 29 Wintercress Lane, Mattoon, from Elmer and Myrna Voudrie, 415 Crestmore Ave., Mattoon, $325,000.
  • 5181 Lake Road, Mattoon, purchased by Timothy and Janet Beachy, 5181 Lake Road, Mattoon, from Margaret Hagen, 3 Stonehenge Road, Mattoon, $115,000.
  • 3325 Richmond Ave., Mattoon, purchased by Megan Irizarry, 3325 Richmond Ave., Mattoon, from Steven and Vicki Williams, 1817 Grant Ave., Mattoon, $81,000.
  • 2104 DeKalb Place, Charleston, purchased by Tierra Pawlus, 2104 DeKalb Place, Charleston, from Joseph K. Jenkins, Neoga, $170,000.
  • 1204 S. Lawn Drive, Mattoon, purchased by Brian R. Infalt, 1204 S. Lawn Drive, Mattoon, from Wade Matthew Stark, 3021 Richmond Ave., Mattoon, $73,000.
  • 3021 Richmond Ave., Mattoon, purchased by Wade M. Stark, 3021 Richmond Ave., Mattoon, from Janet S. Ronchetti, co-trustee, 8 Brian Drive, Mattoon, $90,000.
  • 1505 Marshall Ave., Mattoon, purchased by Anthony Bell and Carrie Bell, 1505 Marshall Ave., Mattoon, from Daniel L. Ingle, executor of the estate of Wanda Erlene Ingle, Herrin, $75,000.
  • 18979 Chief Road, Charleston, purchased by Austin M. Hernandez, 913 Main St., Lerna, from Clyde and Velvet Hernandez, rural Sullivan, $24,000.
  • 105 N. 26th St., Mattoon, purchased by Jeffrey L. Whitley, 6130 Lerna Road, Mattoon, from Michael J. Kull, 112 S. 34th St., Mattoon, $47,000.
  • 1820 Grant Ave., Charleston, purchased by David E. Cook, 1820 Grant Ave., Charleston, from the First National Bank of Mattoon, trustee of the Imogene Bonwell Trust, 1117 Broadway Ave., Mattoon, $52,000.
  • 1609 Broadmoor, Mattoon, purchased by Jeff Traub, Effingham, from Julia Ann Diepholz, PO Box 909, Mattoon, $12,500.

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