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  • 705 Broadway Avenue in Mattoon purchased by Alex & Sabrina Kile of Charleston from Edward G. & Paula J. Zinschlag of San Tan Valley, Ariz., $52,000.
  • 3521 Marshall Avenue in Mattoon purchased by Floyd Rentals, LLC of Charleston from Michael T. Fuller and Kimberly J. Fuller of Mattoon, $43,000.
  • 2640 N. Co. Rd. 350 E. in Mattoon purchased by Richard Yoder and Dorothy Yoder from Regina L. Cox, $150,000.
  • 35 Castle Creek Road in Charleston purchased by Eric M. Brewer of Charleston from Bill Elliott and Jodi M. Elliott of Rolla, Mo., $205,000.
  • 954 Rudy in Mattoon purchased by Sergey & Uliana Snezkowski from Quentin Hanson of Austin, Texas, $82,500.
  • 101 Westview in Mattoon purchased by Benjamin Howe from William & Mary Cash, $106,000.
  • 901 Annis in Mattoon purchased by Hazel Elliott from Dewey M. Taylor, $85,000.
  • 2107 Sarah's Lane in Charleston purchased by Adam W. Cooper of Charleston from Faiz K. Hasib & Linda F. Hasib of Charleston, $116,000.
  • 115 Teeter Street in Oakland purchased by Robert A. Michaels of Oakland from Craig & Valerie Bell of Brocton, $82,000.
  • 3224 Prairie in Mattoon purchased by Tim & Judy Clark & Amber Hendrix from Timothy Daily, $71,000.
  • 716 Glenwood Drive in Charleston purchased by Alan MacDougall and Donna J. MacDougall of Charleston from Norman R. Spear and Marjorie F. Spear of Hoopeston, $110,950.
  • 2508 Pine in Mattoon purchased by DBA Real Estate LLC of Arthur from Michael Turner of Neoga, $15,000.
  • 204 W. St. Hwy. 133 in Oakland purchased by WRFD Oakland, LLC of Lexington, Ky. from James Duchnowski of Hindsboro, $60,000.
  • 731 4th Street in Charleston purchased by Amanda Ledbetter of Charleston from Thomas J. Hannan, Jr. of Island Lake, $27,000.
  • 2414 Eastgate Drive South in Charleston purchased by Joseph K. Stewart and Stacy E. Stewart of Charleston from Jack C. Zeigler and Monica A. Zeigler of Hackensack, N.J., $120,000.
  • 2517 Prairie in Mattoon purchased by Dwight W. Fitt from Timothy M. Reynolds of Sparks, Nev., $83,000.
  • 408 Wabash Ave. in Mattoon purchased by John & Bridgette Leonauskas from Donna Martin of Robinson, $152,500.
  • 21442 Arrowhead Road in Ashmore purchased by Darrell E. and Susie A. Nees of Charleston from Cathy A. Shafer of Ashmore, $45,000.
  • 1105 4th St. in Charleston purchased by Michael A. Gallanis and Sheila M. Smith of West Chicago from U.S. Bank National Association of Coppell, Texas, $21,000.
  • 4.74 acres of farm land PIN 02-2-17946-000 in Charleston purchased by Richard L. Owens and Teresa L. Owens of Charleston from Richard L. Sherman and Judith E. Sherman of Charleston, $35,000.
  • 1805 Grant Avenue in Charleston purchased by Deborah A. Burkhart of Charleston from Jerry Brimner and Jodi Brimner of Charleston, $75,000.
  • 1818 Phillips Place in Charleston purchased by Carrie M. Dale of Charleston from Marjorie Hanft-Martone of Charleston, $115,000.
  • 809 Main Street in Lerna purchased by Myles D. Hensley of Lerna from Steve L. Enlow and Patty J. Enlow of Lerna, $36,000.

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