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  • 1200 N. 28th St. in Mattoon purchased by Randall & Jennifer Clapham of Mattoon from Gerald & Mary Birch of Las Vegas, Nev., $43,000.
  • 921 Division Street in Charleston purchased by Javier Carrillo and Aurora Avila of Charleston from Jeanette M. Cox c/o Marsha Dianne Lawyer Executor of Charleston, $35,000.
  • 1965 West State St. in Charleston purchased by Howard L. Drake of Charleston from Patrick A. Renfro and Samantha S. Renfro of Charleston, $200,000.
  • 916 N. 29th St. in Mattoon purchased by Tara K. Godden of Mattoon from Jennifer L. Wysocki of Mattoon, $78,000.
  • 1098 E. C.R. 1320 N. in Sullivan purchased by Jarrod D. Nolte & Regina K. Dabbs Nolte of Sullivan from Robert K. Elkin & Sandra L. Elkin, Co-Trustees of Robert K. Elkin and Sandra L. Elkin Trust Dated 11/10/05 of Sullivan, $210,000.
  • 6290 N. C.R. 2280 E. in Westfield purchased by Travis Thompson of Westfield from Kenneth R. Elliott by James R. Elliott, his POA, of Savoy, $22,000.
  • 24 W. Locust in Charleston purchased by Edward L. Ferguson and F. Dolores Ferguson of Charleston from Anthony R. Coleman, Pamela M. Coleman, Carl M. Kingery and Fern Kingery of Charleston, $20,000.
  • 800 S. 16th St. in Mattoon purchased by J & T Enterprises of Mattoon, Inc. of Mattoon from Jeff & Lena Eaton of Toledo, $30,000.
  • 2821 Richmond Ave. in Mattoon purchased by North Creek Investments & Real Estate Holdings of Mattoon from Steven L. Shaw Est., E. Ann Russell, Ind. Ex., of Cowden, $33,500.
  • 2219 Seneca Drive in Charleston purchased by John K. Deffenbaugh and Dana L. Deffenbaugh of Ashmore from Clinton D. Replogle of Charleston, $134,500.
  • 60 acres farm land PIN 05-0-01129-000 in Charleston purchased by Heuerman Land Development LLC of Teutopolis from Richard C. Gossett Et. Al. of Casey, $546,000.
  • 59.57 acres farm land PIN 05-0-01132-000 in Charleston purchased by Terry W. Honselman, Et. Al. of Casey from Richard C. Gossett Et. Al. of Casey, $537,620.
  • 2243 Cortland Drive in Charleston purchased by Brock M. Warren and Betzy C. Elifrits Warren of Charleston from Von J. Hilderbrand and Amanda N. Hilderbrand of Marshall, $122,500.
  • 811 Harrison Ave. in Charleston purchased by Thomas E. Youngberg & Abbey E. Lesko-Youngberg of Charleston from Daniel D. Tessitore of Charleston, $55,000.
  • 811 Harrison Ave. in Charleston purchased by Travis W. Sanders of Charleston from Thomas E. Youngberg and Abbey E. Lesko-Youngberg of Charleston, $45,900.

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