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  • 1005 N. 30th St., Mattoon, purchased by Daniel E. Creek, 1005 N. 30th St., Mattoon, from Cheryl Gwinn and Laurie Dotson, co-administrators of the estate of Amos D. Overmyer, $53,500.
  • 1321 Moultrie Ave., Mattoon, purchased by Gerald Strong, 9416 Old State Road, Mattoon, from Tina Darlene Myers, rural Neoga, $25,000.
  • 1828 Maple Ave., Mattoon, purchased by Rosa Elena Olvera, 1828 Maple Ave., Mattoon, from Brandy Howell, 500 S. 28th St., Mattoon, $500.
  • 812 N. 13th St., Mattoon, purchased by James A. and Catherine R. Rentfrow, 1812 N. 13th St., Mattoon, from Jacqueline and Scott Bradley, 5501 N. County Road 1020E, Mattoon, $51,000.
  • 2119 Meadowlake Drive, Charleston, purchased by Morgan Disposal Inc. 2119 Meadowlake Drive, Charleston, from Mildred J. Ballsrud trust, Monticello, $170,000.
  • 1713 Moultrie Ave., Mattoon, purchased by Chalalai Wershila, 1713 Moultrie Ave., Mattoon, from Timothy and Janet Beachy, 5181 Lake Road, Mattoon, $73,000.
  • 715 14th St., Charleston, purchased by Ryan A. Strange, 1742 McComb St., Charleston, from George T. Hawk, 991 N. County Road 1300E, Lerna, $6,750.
  • 108 Fourth St., Charleston, purchased by Chad V. Brookins, 108 Fourth St., Charleston, from Bertha M. Lewis, 500 W. Polk Ave., Charleston, $32,500.
  • Approximately 10.5 acres, PIN 02-1-00040-000, Charleston Township, purchased by Green Prairie Grain Inc., 12581 State Highway 130, Charleston, from Gregory L. Walk and Carol M. Walk, rural Neoga, $100,000.
  • 918 Fuller Drive, Charleston, purchased by Danny Heiman, 918 Fuller Drive, Charleston, from Nunzio Dino Raso, Beachwood, N.J., $10,000.
  • 19099 E. County Road 100N, Charleston, purchased by Cody R. Lee, rural Casey, from Billie G. Lee, Martinsville, $30,000.
  • 7 Fairfield Lane, Charleston, purchased by Justin Merritt Tierney, 7 Fairfield Lane, Charleston, from Austin Michael Cripe, 7 Fairfield Lane, Charleston, $133,000.
  • 1617 Douglas Drive, Charleston, purchased by Myra L. Lang, 506 Wilson Ave., Charleston, from Travis J. Grannan, Argyle, Texas, $79,500.
  • 1221 Rudy Ave., Mattoon, purchased by John Yakle, 1221 Rudy Ave., Mattoon, from Jamie Barthelme, 250 Harrison Ave., Charleston, $91,500.
  • 2409 Dakota Ave., Mattoon, purchased by James and Taylor Geldert, 2409 Dakota Ave., Mattoon, from Joshua and Amy Kettleson, Wildwood, Mo., $147,900.
  • 631 14th St., Charleston, purchased by Robert J. East, 631 14th St., Charleston, from Jarrod Dale Nolte, rural Sullivan, $76,000.
  • 48 Monroe Ave., Charleston, purchased by Hannah Foltz, 48 Monroe Ave., Charleston, from Stefan T. Craig, 8731 E. County Road 1200N, Mattoon, $66,500.
  • 704 Teresa Circle, Charleston, purchased by Susan K. Kile, 704 Teresa Circle, Charleston, from Susan Kile, 1406 Stratford Drive, Charleston, $90,000.
  • 14633 E. County Road 600N, Charleston, purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Stacey, 14633 E. County Road 600N, Charleston from Justine Renee Dillon et al, 2119 Stoner Drive West, Charleston, $177,500.

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