CHARLESTON -- Security system video recordings showed Shawn D. Adamson and others during what could have been their search for a man who didn't return a gun he received to commit a robbery.

Jurors at Adamson's trial Tuesday viewed the recordings that appeared to show Adamson's reaction to a confrontation that led to a woman's shooting death as well as his earlier search for the man who fired the shot that killed her.

Mattoon police Deputy Chief Sam Gaines testified Tuesday that the recordings came from security systems at Adamson's residence and the apartment building where the robbery target lived.

They also included one from a business security system near the apartment building at 313 S. 21st in Mattoon where Ciara Faires was shot and killed on June 18, 2016.

Adamson, 35, is charged with first-degree murder and other offenses for allegedly instigating the confrontation that led to Faires' death, though he's not accused of actually shooting her.

The recording from near the shooting scene showed only what Gaines said was a man who was working with Adamson arriving at the scene.

However, another recording shown Tuesday was from a Mattoon apartment building where two men, James Todd Shafer and Brett Magana, allegedly were supposed to commit a robbery with guns that came from Adamson's residence.

Shafer was convicted during a trial last week of first-degree murder and other charges.

Evidence at his trial indicated that he and Faires, who was his girlfriend, were at the 21st Street apartment where a friend lived, hiding from Adamson, who wanted to retrieve the gun Shafer received for the robbery.

Adamson is accused of firing a gun outside the apartment that led Shafer to return fire. Faires, who was still outside after leaving the apartment because of an argument, was hit by one shot and killed, according to the evidence.

On Tuesday during questioning by Coles County State's Attorney Brian Bower, Gaines said security video showed Shafer, Magana and Lamont Mimms leaving Adamson's residence together.

It then showed Shafer and Magana entering the apartment building for the robbery, he said. Shafer and Magana later left the building, apparently without Mimms knowing, and Mimms was shown entering in an apparent search to find them, Gaines said.

Other recordings showed what Gaines said was Adamson, Mimms and others arriving at the robbery target's apartment building. He said someone moved the building's security camera at that time, and he later identified that person as Adamson.

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Video from Adamson's residence recorded just after the 911 call about Faires' shooting showed two men running up to the residence and entering, Gaines also said.

During cross examination by lead defense attorney Todd Ringel, Gaines said he had to pause the video during earlier viewings to determine Adamson moved the apartment building's security camera.

That was based on a tattoo seen in the video that matched one of Adamson's, Gaines explained. He also acknowledged that the videos don't show any guns.

Also Tuesday, Magana testified that he and Shafer received the guns from Mimms, claiming he didn't remember telling police earlier that he thought they were Adamson's.

Magana is serving a prison sentence for a conviction for possession of a weapon by a felon, as he was arrested with the gun he received. On Tuesday, he said an injury from a fight in person affected his memory.

Other testimony came from Brieanna Laidley, Faires' sister, who said she was friends with Adamson at the time.

She said she was at his residence at the time of Faires' shooting and when Adamson and another man, Kevin W. Johnson, returned there. Johnson was "jittery" and "nervous" while Adamson appeared scared and was "dripping sweat," Laidley said.

During his opening statement to the jury Tuesday, Bower said the trial's evidence will show that Adamson "set into motion a course of events" that caused Faires' death.

Others heard Adamson said he wanted to retrieve the gun and gave Shafer a time limit for returning it, Bower said.

Co-defense attorney Doug Johnson briefly addressed the jury and said the evidence would be "distorted, vague and unclear."

The trial is scheduled to continue on Wednesday. Circuit Judge Matt Sullivan told the jury Tuesday that the current pace of the trial meant it might conclude on Friday and not carry into next week as first expected.

Adamson, who's been jailed since his arrest shortly after the shooting, would face at least 40 years in prison if convicted of the murder charges.

Johnson and Matthew S. Cook were both reportedly at the scene of the shooting at Adamson's request. They both pleaded guilty earlier to reduced charges.

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