OAKLAND -- Third quarter honors at Lake Crest Elementary and Oakland High School have been announced.

Sixth grade

High honors: Alexis Burch, Trystan Clapp, Carleigh Clifton, Sophia Drake, Hunter Guthridge, Hailie Hall, Eian Knoebel, Caden Logan, Tristan Neese, Kyndall Sanders.

Honors: Hannah Hopper, Erin Knofsky.

Seventh grade

High honors: Hayven Clapp, Jonika Nickles, Braden Pardi, Jessica Rekart, Jordyn Veach, Lily Watson.

Honors: Kaiden Hawkins, Alex Hoel, Davin Smith.

Eighth grade

High honors: Camille Clifton, Carter Holmes, Grace Hopper, Josie King, Krayten Willison.

Honors: Breann Ard, Lelu Hensley, Sydney McKenzie, Tyler VonLanken.


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High honors: Kristiyn Biggs, Nickalas Canada, Lanie Good, Jackson Hoel, Noah McBride, Allie Pearcy.

Honors: Taylor Biggs, Carson Logan, Michael West.


High honors: Chelli Hall, Canden Hemrich, Kaylenn Hunt, Owen Knoebel, Tessa Magana-Phillips, Jenna Ekart, Caren Scott, Ashlei Viehland.

Honors: Liam Conroy, Daniel Drake, John Hunt, Clayton Pardi, Jordan Pena, Cole Wheeler.


High honors: Elizabeth Burch, Thomas Cox, Timothy Cox, Tyler Herrington, Joshua Hunt, Ramsey Hunt, Jacob Knofsky, Madison Krabel, Madison Shirley, Brandon Royer.

Honors: Will Reavley.


High honors: Cole Crawford, Sydney Eastin, Michael Hawkins, Alexis Kiser, Lauren Lankster, Ian Overstreet, Seth Pate, Mikayla Price, Julia Robertson, Lea Schimmer, Jared Smith, Taylor Veach, Bryce Walsh, Leo Wheeler.

Honors: Caleb Ard, Patrick Bell, Erica Butler, Cheyanne Conner.


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