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CHARLESTON -- Newcomer Juan Nevarez-Barron took a narrow win over current board member Paul Stranz for a Coles County Board seat Tuesday.

Nevarez-Barron will soon become the sole Democratic member of what was an all-Republican 12-member board.

Tuesday's results also included newcomer Denise Corray joining Nevarez-Barron and two current board members in winning contested races Tuesday.

The other winners in contested races were current board Chairman Stan Metzger and member Nancy Purdy. In the other seats up for election, board member Paul Daily and newcomer Jeremy Doughty were unopposed.

Nevarez-Barron, Corray and Doughty will join the returning members on the board on Dec. 3 when a county swearing-in ceremony and board reorganization meeting are scheduled.

Based on unofficial vote totals, Nevaraz-Barron received about 52 percent of the vote in board District 3, Charleston. His vote total was 417 while Stranz, a Republican who was appointed to a board vacancy in January, received 379 votes.

Corray and Democrat Jon Blitz were the candidates in board District 9, Charleston, where incumbent Republican Jan Eads, the board's longest-serving member, didn't run for re-election. Tuesday's totals showed Corray with 818 votes and Blitz with 717.

Meanwhile, Purdy saw the most comfortable victory in board District 7, Mattoon, with 68 percent of the vote. She received 856 votes while Democrat Robert Wells received 408.

Metzger faced Democrat Christine McCormick in the Charleston area District 9 and received 844 votes, or about 59 percent. McCormick's vote total was 595.

Doughty was the sole candidate in board the Mattoon area District 4 and received 1,659 votes Tuesday. In that district, incumbent Republican Cory Sanders didn't run for another term.

Daily, who's in the board seat in Mattoon area District 6, received 1,360 votes.

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