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CHARLESTON -- A man who admitted burglarizing a vehicle and having a medication without the required prescription received prison time for the convictions without showing up for court.

Anthony S.T. Hensley didn't appear for his sentencing hearing but was arrested four days later.

Hensley, 33, whose most recent address on record is an apartment at 701 S. 17th St., Mattoon, pleaded guilty in June to charges of burglary and possession of a controlled substance.

He was accused of entering a vehicle planning to steal items from it and of having the prescription medication, both on April 6.

At the sentencing hearing, Coles County Circuit Judge Teresa Righter imposed a four-year prison term for each offense, ordering them to run at the same time rather than be added together.

The burglary charge could have brought a prison sentence of three to seven years and the drug possession charge could have resulted in a one- to six-year prison term, though prison time wasn't required.

Hensley was eligible for twice the normal maximum sentence for the drug conviction because of his earlier criminal convictions.

There wasn't an agreement on the sentence when Hensley pleaded guilty, but a charge alleging he harassed a woman by telephone on May 10 was dismissed.

Also, a petition to revoke the probation sentence he received for an earlier theft conviction was withdrawn, meaning he didn't face resentencing and the possibility of more prison time in that case. The new conviction did lead to a record of his unsuccessfully completing that probation sentence.

Records show that Hensley's criminal record includes theft and burglary convictions for which he served prison time.

State's Attorney Brian Bower prosecuted the case and Public Defender Anthony Ortega representend Hensely.

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Dave Fopay is a reporter for the JG-TC who covers Coles County, the local court system, Charleston schools and more.

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