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CHARLESTON -- A man was sentenced to prison for fighting with police during a drug arrest in Charleston.

Antario J. Simon, 22, for whom court records show an Alton address, received an 18-month prison term for his conviction for aggravated resisting police.

Simon lived in Charleston at the time of the Oct. 14, 2015, incident, when he was arrested on suspicion of drug sales, according to case records.

He pleaded guilty to the resisting police charge in October. At that time, charges of delivery of a controlled substance alleging cocaine and prescription drug sales in September 2015 were dismissed.

The charge to which Simon pleaded guilty was a felony offense because it accused him of injuring the officer, an investigator with the East Central Illinois Task Force.

Coles County Circuit Judge Brien O'Brien sentenced Simon after hearing recommendations from Assistant State's Attorney Joy Wolf and Public Defender Anthony Ortega.

In other cases in court recently, O'Brien accepted guilty pleas from:

  • Jason A. Latonis, 31, whose address on record is 2204 Prairie Ave. Apt. 1, Mattoon, to a domestic battery charge alleging he hit a woman on Nov. 24.

The charge was a felony because Latonis has a prior conviction for the offense and he was placed on probation for 2 1/2 years. A bond violation charge accusing him of having contact with the woman four days after the incident was dismissed.

Terms of his probation sentence included about three weeks in jail with more jail time stayed. That means he won't have to serve it now but some or all of it could be ordered later if he violates his sentence's requirements.

Counseling including specific domestic violence treatment was also ordered along with payment of about $1,000 in fines and court fees.

O'Brien accepted a plea agreement that Assistant State's Attorney Daniel Guido and Ortega recommended.

  • Douglas S. Poffinbarger, 48, for whom records list an address of 27B Lafayette Meadows, Mattoon, to retail theft charges that were felonies because of prior convictions.

Poffinbarger was accused of stealing from the Mattoon CVS Pharmacy store on June 24 and the Mattoon County Market on Sept. 23.

Terms of his 2 1/2-year probation sentence included requirements that he not return to either store and to not be at any business that sells liquor. A substance abuse treatment evaluation was also ordered.

Guido and Assistant Public Defender Jesse Danley recommended the plea agreement.

  • Jordan T. Garcia, 25, whose address on record is 425 Lakeshore Drive Apt. C4, Oakland, to retail theft charges alleging he stole from the Charleston Huck's and Walmart stores in September.

The charges were felonies because of prior theft convictions and Garcia was sentenced to 2 1/2 years of probation. Requirements included not returning to the stores and stayed jail time.

Guido and Ortega recommended the plea agreement.

  • Bryan T. Runick, 43, for whom records listed an address of "homeless" in Mattoon, to a theft charge alleging he stole liquor from the Mattoon County Market on July 29.

The charge was a felony because of an earlier conviction and terms of Runick's two-year probation sentence included substance abuse and counseling evaluations, about $900 in fines and fees and stayed jail time.

State's Attorney Brian Bower and Ortega recommended the plea agreement.

  • Mildred B. Gross, 49, whose address on record is 1840 20th St. Apt. A, Charleston, to a theft charge alleging she stole from the Charleston Huck's store on April 29, 2016.

The felony charge based on prior convictions resulted in a two-year probation sentence that included three days in jail each week for 10 weeks. Assistant State's Attorney Rob Scales and Ortega recommended the plea agreement.

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