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LERNA -- A play based on a 1922 massacre of striking coal miners in southern Illinois is set for performances Friday-Sunday at Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site.

The performances of "Above the Laws of God," a one-act by written by local playwright Earl Halbe, is part of the site's observance of Illinois' bicentennial, according to a news release.

The release said the play is based on the "Herrin Massacre," in which 19 strike-breaking miners were killed and also explores "man's inhumanity to man."

The play contains a mature subject matter, but no graphic violence, and parental discretion is advised, according to the release.

The performances are scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday at 2 p.m. Sunday. The release said tickets are $10 and can be purchased online at

Proceeds from the performances will support the educational and interpretive programs of the historic site, the release said.

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