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Project Fit America National Sit-up Record

Monroe Elementary School physical education teacher Kevin Currey presents Monroe fifth-grader Jacey Roberts with a Project Fit America fitness award Tuesday afternoon (November 19, 2013) at the school in Casey recognizing her national record 2001 sit-ups. (Photo by Ken Trevarthan/Journal Gazette & Times-Courier).

Ken Trevarthan

CASEY — Monroe Elementary School fifth-grader Jacey Roberts set a goal of completing 755 sit-ups one night this fall and then she kept setting the bar higher.

“Then she just kept going. She kept going and going and going,” physical education teacher Kevin Currey recalled during an assembly Tuesday afternoon at the school.

Jacey, age 11, ended up completing 2,001 continuous sit-ups within approximately one hour, 45 minutes and breaking the national sit-up record for the Project Fit America, a charitable organization that creates fitness programs for schools. She eclipsed the old record of 1,655. Fellow fifth-grader Macy Roberts, age 10, no relation, place seventh in the nation by completing 755 continuous sit-ups.

Currey presented the two girls with certificates to honor their achievement in Project Fit America, which is sponsored locally by Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center. He said said the national sit-up challenge involved thousands of students in approximately 900 schools nationwide. He added later that Jacey set the national sit-up record during a parent-teacher conference and has excelled at other exercises.

“She is going to be quite an athlete,” Currey said after the assembly, adding that both Jacey and and Macy hope to top their sit-up achievements.

After the assembly, Jacey said she was “excited, nervous and happy” all at once upon realizing that she was going to complete such as large number of push-ups. Macy added that she feels “awesome” about her fitness accomplishment.

Jacey encouraged younger Casey-Westfield students to give the various Project Fit America challenges a try as they advance through the grade levels at Monroe Elementary School.

“They don’t have to set a record,” Jacey said. “You just have to do what you can do and keep on practicing.”

Both young honorees said the fitness program as Monroe has taught them a lot about the importance of starting healthy habits, such as exercising regularly, early in life so they can help ward off sickness as adults.

“If you don’t exercise, you probably won’t meet your goals in life,” Macy said.

The assembly during which the two girls were honored Tuesday and a prior assembly also include presentations from Rusty May, a nationally known speaker on the topic of bullying. May is a counselor based in California and who speaks to school children across the country each day through his online video messages on School Tools He also has spoken at Monroe in the past.

“His daily messages are about a minute in length, but they are packed full of great advice about feelings, bullying, responsibility, motivation, wellness and teamwork,” said Principal Melissa Meiners in a press release.

May’s appearance is part of “No! No! November!” at Monroe, during which students are students are encouraged to say “no” to bullying and make sure “no one stands alone” against bullying at the school.

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