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The first thing I reach for in the morning is my smartphone.

I'm like umpteen other Americans and have that phone in my hand throughout the day for texting, photos -- sometimes even phone calls! -- and, just as much as anything else, news.

The steadily increasing use of smartphones and tablets has revolutionized how we get information -- whenever and wherever we want, no matter where in the world we wake up in the morning or turn out the lights at bedtime.

So, on Wednesday, debuts a website designed specifically with our growing audience of mobile device users in mind. The idea is to make the site faster to navigate, with less clutter, larger visuals and a modern-day design that looks great no matter where you access it -- on your smartphone, via your tablet or at your desktop computer.

You'll start to see more content on our site, too. We're working on more slideshows featuring local folks in our communities. We've already increased the number of articles you find at

It's all in conjunction with our presence on social media such as Twitter and Facebook and created to help inform you beyond the printed newspaper.

Some of us still like the feel of that paper in our hands every morning. We like to clip out articles that interest us, save them, or share them with family and friends.

Keep it up. You can also share articles of interest from our website via email or social media, and you'll find local and area news not just in the pages of the newspaper but also right at your fingertips via our site, with regular updates and breaking news both at and on Twitter and Facebook.

Our goal is always to keep you informed and as up to date as possible on local and area news, from a road closure due to an accident to sports, community happenings, and free events you and the family might enjoy over the weekend. We'll continue to do that both in print and digitally.

As always, please feel free to communicate your ideas to me via phone at 217-238-6863 or email at so that we can continue to make your newspaper -- in print and in the digital world -- better and better.

Penny Weaver is the associate publisher and editor of the JG-TC. Contact her at or 217-238-6863, and follow her on Twitter @PennyWeaver.


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