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In six days God created the world out of a shapeless chaotic void. In a matter of a few weeks the Democrats and the media, one and the same of course, have created a conspiracy theory out of a similar void. And done so without any evidence whatever of Russian collusion in the Presidential election.

Some years ago there was a commercial on TV that featured an elderly woman who had been offered a hamburger with questionable ingredients. She uttered out loud “Where’s the beef?” This commercial became quite popular and amusing at the time.

In like manner, I ask the Democrats, “Where’s the evidence?” there is none of course, but in asking for a special prosecutor, they can disrupt the President’s agenda, extend the length of hearings, and de-legitimize his Presidency. Precisely what they hope to do.

If there was ever the need for a special prosecutor, it was evident in a multitude of Hillary Clinton’s criminal schemes ...  And, the Russians had enough of her classified and unprotected E-mails to prosecute her themselves. How many special prosecutors did Obama ask for in this matter??? None of course.

Now, the Dems and the Liberal Media, with the same voice, accuse President Trump of sharing top secrets with the Russians during his recent meeting at the White House. BS, and more BS. It never ends.

Jack Pierce, Mattoon


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