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    As a student of the American Civil War, I read with interest David Moore's letter published September 19. Very quickly I found that Mr. Moore's version of Civil War history reflected something I've heard from others...that the federal government was the aggressor and that the Confederacy was…

      Donald Trump thought about becoming President for many year. He does not like to read so he didn't realize that it required a lot of work. As a "billionaire playboy" type he should have bought a country and became KING.

        I simply must question Eastern Illinois University’s strategic plan for improving enrollment. In recent weeks, EIU has hosted the State Badminton Tournament, Girl’s State Track and Boy’s State Track. Each week has brought a large amount of participants from State High Schools as well as pare…

          In response to pending legislation requiring nursing homes to have adequate help. That will not solve anything. The quality of help has more to do with quality of care. I spent several weeks in a nursing home doing physical therapy. It takes a special kind of person to deal with patients on …

            The American government was founded by the people and for the people. Our taxes paid for the development of the internet through public universities, the Department of Defense, and the National Science Foundation. We all depend on the internet either directly or indirectly. The stores we sho…

              Overdue kudos to the person or business who is responsible for the beautiful landscaping on Rte. 16, west from the Lerna Road. I enjoy it every time I drive by and I’m sure I am not the only one to do so. Wouldn’t it be nice if the other three main roads leading into our city looked as good?

                In six days God created the world out of a shapeless chaotic void. In a matter of a few weeks the Democrats and the media, one and the same of course, have created a conspiracy theory out of a similar void. And done so without any evidence whatever of Russian collusion in the Presidential election.

                Indianapolis police say officers fatally shot an armed man Sunday inside a home where he was holding a woman hostage. Police say that after officers arrived at the home Sunday morning they requested a SWAT team’s assistance. Sgt. Genae Cook with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department says a woman told officers her boyfriend had a gun and was holding her roommate inside a bedroom. After officers heard a gunshot from inside the bedroom, Cook says the SWAT team entered the room and at least four officers fired their weapons, fatally striking the suspect. She says officers immediately brought the woman hostage to safety.


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