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A judge has ordered that two lawyers who filed a lawsuit advancing former President Donald Trump’s false claims of mass voter fraud must pay almost $187,000 in legal fees to the defendants. This is an appropriate sanction for abuse of the legal system in service to a toxic lie. Other lawyers who promoted this attempted coup against democracy should face similar consequences.

Nearly 90 years after the New Deal, nearly 60 years after the Great Society, 40 years after Ronald Reagan’s Republican revolution purported to put “family values” at the center of our politics, the world’s most prosperous nation still guarantees not a single measly paid day off work for mothers and fathers who welcome a new child into the world. It’s an abomination that Senate Democrats have a chance to remedy by including a paltry four weeks of parental leave in their version of the "Build Back Better" bill.

Michael Paul Williams — a columnist with the Richmond Times-Dispatch — won the 2021 Pulitzer Prize in Commentary "for penetrating and historically insightful columns that guided Richmond, a former capital of the Confederacy, through the painful and complicated process of dismantling the city's monuments to white supremacy."

The media have been awash in hand-wringing stories from reporters and columnists concerning 2020 census data showing a decline in the rate of population growth from 2010. A major newspaper editorial with the headline “A quickening U.S. baby bust” went so far as to opine that such “demographic stagnation” may lead to “diminished national stature.”

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