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Andrew Patterson

For some reason, April, 1978, my homemade TV antenna picked up the Good Morning America TV show hosted by David Hartman. That was unusual because the signal came from Jacksonville, Illinois, 100 miles away. But the signal would disappear after the program ended.

Hartman was interviewing Willem Oltmans, Dutch journalist, about the assassination of President Kennedy, and Jack Anderson, who inherited Drew Pearon’s syndicated column Washington Merry-go-Round that published inside stories of Washington politics.

Oltmans had material about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and when he reveled too much, he was met by an officer from the Pentagon and told he had gone too far and would be killed. So Oltmans said he would tell all, and this is what he said.

Jackie Kennedy married Aristotle Onassis for her own personal protection. She was given the name of the leader of a foreign nation who gave the order to kill Jack by this friend who worked with the murderer, and Jackie told her husband, Aristotle Onassis, who then planned to give the name of Jack’s killer to the world news media. So his son, Alexander, was killed in a crash of his seaplane he loved to fly after taking off from its dock at Nice, France. The co-pilot survived but Aristotle shut up to protect his daughter, Christina.

Jackie sent Caroline to London to be with a longtime trusted friend. A car to take her to school was waiting outside on the street where an Englishman passing on the sidewalk saw a box under the car. Being civic-minded, he tried to dislodge the box with his umbrella and, BOOM, the car blew up and killed the man as Caroline was getting her books ready to be taken to her school in London. Jackie got the message.

Oltmans said LBJ was informed as well as Chair of the Republican Conference (and future president) Gerald Ford, who was told 21 days before JFK’s murder. How many more in Congress were told and kept silent as well as military, J. Edgar Hoover?

The plan to manipulate the Secret Service, FBI, Pentagon, and more was given to John Rich, born in the Philippines of Jewish parents. James Jesus Angleton (known for submitting fictitious intelligence reports), Cord Meyer (head of CIA’s Mockingbird to release news to the news media to deceive the public), and William Harvey, in charge of CIA assassination teams. Johnny Rosselli’s Key West Island was used to rain the snipers and he, Sam Giancano, Santos Trafficante, and head of the Teamster’s Union, Jimmy Hoffman, were involved to a small degree and later killed for talking too much.

A year after JFK was murdered, the attractive and altruistic ex-wife of Cord Meyer, Mary Pinchot Meyer, was killed. She had been carrying on a love affair with JFK just before he was murdered. She had kept a diary and a year after Jack was murdered, she was killed while jogging along the Potomac-Ohio Canal Towpath.

When Aristotle Onassis died, Christina quickly married a Russian diplomat and stayed in Russia for her protection and to be the model Russian housewife. But the huge Onassis shipping was controlled by her and the CIA vowed she would be protected, so she left Russia and went to Argentina, where she had a baby but died there supposedly of a natural cause.

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Andrew Patterson was born on a dairy farm two miles south of Sullivan on Feb. 13, 1930. He has attended eight universities for a total of 10 years, lived in 10 countries for 28 years, traveled in 50, speaks and writes Spanish, reads French and German, has written seven encyclopedia articles, and numerous reports and studies for World Bank, Pan American Union, and Economic Development.

Descendant from 15 American Revolutionary ancestors (16th was Cherokee), history is his life's blood, as is telling the truth. He states, "The day I stop learning is the day I am dead,” and “The hardest thing in life has been to unlearn what has been taught to me as the truth.” He has learned there are many men who have stopped WW III from China, Russia, and other countries and it cost them their life. President John F. Kennedy was one of them.


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