I bet y'all noticed a few changes in the newspaper this week, and I can tell you they're designed to make navigating your JG-TC easier and more efficient.

I know. No one likes change. But there's a method here.

Let me run it down for you.

Obituaries are now on page A6 every day, as is Dear Abby. This puts them closer to the front of the paper for you.

Day-to-day, here are our theme pages:

In Monday's issue, we'll feature our Business page with happenings from local businesses and trends in general affecting the business world. Every Tuesday, you'll find a new Education page, where you can find -- all in one place -- things like honor rolls and other school and learning topics.

On Wednesdays, we'll have our Farm page as usual, with the latest from local, state and national arenas in agriculture. Thursdays bring our Entertainment page -- the Go! Guide comprehensive listing of area happenings in the entertainment world, from theater to music to exhibits and more.

Fridays offer the Home page, with Coles County Real Estate Transactions, My Amish Home and similar offerings included. Finally, every Saturday, you'll find our new People page, with items such as anniversaries, birthdays and more that you're accustomed to finding on our Community pages. We're offering Health news, as we have been, on Saturdays, too.

Each day's paper has a few tweaks as well.

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Our Markets summary, Lottery, Siren Report and corrections are anchored on page A2. We want these popular items to be easy to find. Plus, we aim for transparency in all we do, and if we make an error, we'll be up front about it and let you know.

Local news will remain readily available not just on the front of the paper but on page A3, with state happenings on A3 and A4. The Opinions page will continue to appear every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday on page A5.

We're keeping the weather on A4 every day so it's easy to find, and Sports always begins on B1. The popular Nation & World news page will appear in every paper, most of the time on page B4.

The whole idea is to make your newspaper more friendly to navigate. We want you to be able to easily find the news in which you're most interested. You can take plenty of time to delve deeper into the stories in each day's paper, or you can get the quick hits in the morning in your rush to get your day started and catch up later on the details.

As always, we're eager to receive your feedback. You can reach me at pweaver@jg-tc.com or 217-238-6863. Publisher Randy Mitchell is available at rmitchell@jg-tc.com or 217-238-6822. Central Illinois Editor Chris Coates can be reached at chris.coates@lee.net or 217-421-8905.

Please let us know what you think about these changes, or anything about the paper that's on your mind.

We do what we do for our readers, and we want to get it right.

As always, thanks for reading.

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Contact Penny Weaver at (217) 238-6863. Follow her on Twitter: @PennyWeaver


General Manager and Editor

Penny Weaver is the general manager and editor of the JG-TC. She also is an award-winning columnist for the newspaper.

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