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Andrew Patterson

In 1995, I visited the house where Winston Churchill received his appointment in the British Admiralty in 1912. Winston did not own this large five story house with two floors below ground level all connected by an old iron cage elevator. All the houses on Grosvenor Square were owned by an English Lord who also owned two more like Grosvenor Square. The gimmick was that the lord had only lifetime ownership. After he died, the property reverted to a secret society to which the English lord had pledged his life to serve.

In 1954, Hassan al Sabah returned to Qazvin, Persia, from studies at Al Azhar University in Cairo. He invited young Ismaili men to eat at his home where his servants induced the young men to take opium as the Master (Hassan) had been given permission by Allah to use. They were drugged, carried into a garden, where upon awakening they were told they had died and gone to heaven. Three days of drugs, sex, alcohol, and put to sleep again, they awakened to find themselves alive.

That is how the Assassins began and in 200 years their power stretched from Morocco to Sabah, Borneo. That power went next to the descendants of the next in command as Hassan killed all his sons for disobedience.

When the Assassins created trouble in western China, the grandson of Genghis Khan first invaded Afghanistan to smash the source and chased them across Russia, Poland, Germany, Northern France to the Atlantic Ocean, and the Turks joined with them and chased another group down the Caucasus into Anatolia.

However, a branch of the Assassins developed in Afghanistan in the 1500s called the Ansari (Helpers of Allah) that are connected to the Assassins.

The Mossad of Israel finance Robert Maxwell, and he worked for the Mossad. But when he demanded $300 million to pay debts, they killed him and his huge yacht, publishing company, and houses went to the Mossad. His sons and wife inherited nothing.

Russia liked the cheap gas the Shah sold them after Jack Kennedy cut off aid to the Shah for financing Dick Nixon’s political campaign, but after Ayatollah Khomeini cut them off for killing Chechens, the Russian made a deal with Afghan leaders to develop its huge gas fields and the CIA got (British) MI6 permission to use the Muslim Brotherhood Blind cleric, Omar Hassan, to recruit a Muslim foreign legion called the Mujahedeen and trained by the CIA to drive the Russians out.

Then Bill Clinton, Strobe Talbot, and James Baker put an arms embargo on a UN nation, Bosnia, to keep Yugoslavis together so its Army could menace NATO's right flank when the Russian military began a reconstruction of the Soviet Union. Serbs (the Brothers of the Russians) began ethnic cleansing (massacres) and American Muslims wrote and emailed Congress to get Bill Clinton to stop mass murder. Congressman and senators working to stop the Bosnian war lost their seats in Congress in the election 1996. Result is that today all senators and congressmen reject any letter, email, phone call from anyone outside their district. As the Constitution is based on the Ten Commandments and Christian values, the next move was to eliminate the Constitution, rights, and equality.

In 1977, a Mossad offered me any job in the world I wanted if I joined their secret society. I knew I would be tested to deliberately hurt someone or send others to their death. It is innate and so I didn’t accept.

Andrew Patterson was born on a dairy farm two miles south of Sullivan on Feb. 13, 1930. He has attended eight universities for a total of 10 years, lived in 10 countries for 28 years, traveled in 50, speaks and writes Spanish, reads French and German, has written seven encyclopedia articles, and numerous reports and studies for World Bank, Pan American Union, and Economic Development.

Descendant from 15 American Revolutionary ancestors (16th was Cherokee), history is his life's blood, as is telling the truth. He states, "The day I stop learning is the day I am dead,” and “The hardest thing in life has been to unlearn what has been taught to me as the truth.” He has learned there are many men who have stopped WW III from China, Russia, and other countries and it cost them their life. President John F. Kennedy was one of them.


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